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Accept all

Joy or Pain, Welcome It All

You may taste joy in life, but you may also experience pain. Discard any thought that you should expect only…
Young girl with a newly hatched chick

Grow with Love and Devotion

Everyone is like a chicken egg. If you embrace and love them, chicken eggs will become chicks—Hongik chicks—loving chicks who…
hands holding a brown egg

Hatch Your Inner Power

While raising chickens in New Zealand, I discovered something amazing. One of the hens decided that, instead of letting me…
man climbing stairs

Wake Up from Your Control Drama

You have walls that make you very small. They’re a control drama. There are different types, with some people acting…
person walking into the setting sun in a forest

It’s Time to Choose

Thirty years ago, in answer to my question, “What am I to do with this enlightenment?” I had a vision…
mother laughing with child

Let Us All Be Happy

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Each of us deserves to be happy. Everyone is so lovable. We all have divine spirit and joy inside of…
girl in red beret painting

Life Is a Canvas

Life is like a canvas. Some people want to fill their canvas with a picture, but their canvas is too…