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Young girl measuring her height

Know What You Want to Change

If you feel that you have shortcomings, that’s not a bad thing. That feeling means you have a desire to…

The Answer Is Choice

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The answer to solving the world’s problems, even your personal problems, is using your brain well. That means not being…
Sunset meditation

To Know the Soul

Many people speak of peace. Many philosophies and traditions talk of the soul. But often, the soul and peace are…
sunset behind a silhouetted tree and hill

Sunrise Meditation

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Light can change your energy, change your thoughts, and change your emotions. Light can change selfishness to compassion, judgment to…
yin yang in the heart

How Do You Be Honest?

Honesty is a virtue held in high esteem. It’s also the highest aspect of enlightenment. Without it, you cannot become…
the heads of a circle of people

The Best Community

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A community works together, shares common values, helps each other, supports its members, inspires impressive action, can achieve greater things…
fire behind a metal grate

Light the Fire of Achievement

To accomplish any goal, you need focus and power. Your power comes from your lower dahnjon, or energy center, in…
Older woman walking on the beach

Complete Your Life with Movement

If you are conscious, move. If you have a mind, walk. Moving is proof that you’re alive. It’s about controlling…