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You Are the SUN

When your emotions disappear, you become Nothingness. But that Nothingness is not empty. In that Nothingness, you can feel your…
hand massage

How to Heal

Feel your body from the top of your head to the tips of your fingers and toes. Right now, you…
white woman in angel costume

Character Is Love

Human character is not something that you force on yourself to fit an external code. It is something that you…
toddler doing breathing meditation

Breathe Like a Baby

Enlightenment comes from breathing. Breathing is the beginning and end of enlightenment, and it is the beginning and end of…
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Are You Having Fun?

What would you call fun? To me, fun is the joy you feel when you move your body, when you…
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The Dream of Your Soul

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Why is the soul more precious than the physical body? It’s because the choices of the soul, the soul’s earnest…