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A New Year, A New Change

A new change has now begun on the face of the planet. It’s a new awareness, an Earth Citizen consciousness…

Epic of the Soul

I was inspired to write these song lyrics one early morning as I did meditation. I hope they inspire you…
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You Are a Creator

I believe that creation is not something done by special people. The ability to create comes from consciousness. It lies…
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True Love

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In doing energy meditation, you have the opportunity to experience nothingness, or the void, what is called Muah in Korean.…
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Chakra Problem Solving

Our bodies are composed of physical, energy, and spiritual bodies. You can master having a truly happy and peaceful life…
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Use Your Three Treasures

We all have three treasures. We have a soul, and we have chakras through which energy flows that we can…
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Turn Conflict into Fuel

If you have a beautiful idea of yourself and the world that you passionately wish were entirely true, it’s natural…