Ilchi Lee showing magnetic meditation

Ilchi Lee Explores 6th Consciousness

In this insightful talk at Boston University, Ilchi Lee discusses awakened consciousness and demonstrates the properties of magnetic energy within…

Go All the Way to Your Dreams

Why do some people succeed while others fail? Watch as this short animation highlights how people we accept as great…

The Persistent Bed Bugs

This short animation delights with a simple story about how the late Chairman of Hyundai Group, Ju-yung Chung, tried to…

How to Love

One day a person got a peek at heaven and hell. What do you think they saw? Find out in…

The Power of Interest

We all know about the power of positive thinking, but did you know that just showing interest in something makes…
Ilchi Lee responding to an interview

Brain Wave Vibration Explained


Ilchi Lee explains how his Brain Wave Vibration method improves concentration and relieves stress, allowing practitioners to be more healthy, successful, ethical, and considerate of their communities, countries, and the world.

Girl holding the earth - Ilchi Lee's Prayer of Peace

Prayer of Peace

This “Prayer of Peace” was presented by Ilchi Lee at the United Nations Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and…