Dreaming of an Earth Village

Last month, I made a quick trip to British Columbia, Canada. The main purpose of the trip was to check on the HSP Ranch (HSP stands for Health, Smile, Peace), land that was bought several years ago for the purpose of establishing an Earth Village there—a place where people can learn to be and live as Earth Citizens. At this time in my life, my main focus has shifted to helping people realize that we are all fellow citizens of the Earth and that this identity is even more important than our national or cultural identity. By recognizing and accepting we are Earth Citizens, we can manage all of the Earth’s resources for the benefit of all people together.

That’s why this summer I established the Earth Citizen Leadership Program, which began its first term at Sedona Mago Retreat in Sedona, Arizona. I hope to host this school in many other locations around the world someday, such as the HSP Ranch.

When I first saw the property that is now the HSP Ranch, I fell in love with it. However, it was my dream of creating a peaceful and harmonious world that prompted its acquisition. Since its inception, the HSP Ranch has been gradually developing and then maintaining itself. A solar power system was established and a training facility and some housing was built.

The first thing I did when I got there was check on the horses and the condition of the stables. I have a great love for horses, and I like to spend time with them whenever I can. Then after a quick dinner, I took the staff on a motorboat ride on the lake there. While we enjoyed the ride, I was able to check the current depth of the water, the condition of the environment, and the wear and tear on the boat.

Ilchi Lee Earth Village truck to lake

Here I am driving the boat to the lake.

Ilchi Lee HSP Ranch lake

I entertained my staff while we observed the condition of the lake.

Ilchi Lee peaceful world

This land speaks of peace.

Bright and early at 5:30 AM the next morning, I took an ATV out and drove along the entire boundary of the ranch to note the condition of the land there as well. While I drove, I was accompanied by the playful ranch dog Dori, who liked to alternate between running beside the ATV and jumping on board for a ride. After the drive, I headed back to the horses to give them grain and check the alkalinity of their water.

All of this took a mere two hours, after which my staff and I headed out. I always try to be efficient with my time. I believe to be successful at anything, you need to manage your time, environment, and the people around you well. You also need to meet the right people you can collaborate with to achieve your goal.

I hope someday many people will be gathered in an Earth Village on this beautiful land where the harmonious balance of nature reminds us of the nature inside us and how important it is to protect the Earth and use its resources wisely.

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