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Ilchi Lee

Author, Educator, Earth Citizen

Ilchi Lee is an author and educator who helps people use the full potential of the brain. He developed Brain Education, a mind-body training method that helps each person create their own health, happiness, and peace.

“To live your most authentic life, you have to take back your brain.”

—Ilchi Lee

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The United States is celebrating its Thanksgiving Day today. This national holiday encourages us to remember what we’re grateful for.…
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The Real Source of Satisfaction


Our true selves hold the key to true satisfaction. The events of the past couple of years have made many of us rethink our lives. We may have been stuck in survival mode, but now want to find a way to thrive.

Water Up Fire Down book by Ilchi Lee

An in-depth and up-close look at the ONE energy principle you need to know to take care of your health simply and naturally.

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From training studios to retreat centers to online courses, there are many ways to learn Ilchi Lee’s Brain Education method for personal growth.