Worry Big


True peace and joy comes not from comfort but from heading toward a great goal.

Ilchi Lee sitting on wooden steps in a New Zealand forest

A Short Meditation on Gratitude


As a gift of thanksgiving, I offer you this message of gratitude and a short meditation to hold gratitude in your heart.

Calm Down with Barefoot Walking


Walking on the earth with our bare feet can bring down our anxiety, the energy in our head, our inflammation, and maybe even our pain.

young woman sitting on a grassy hill

You Are More Than a Label: It’s Time to Break Free


Who we think we are has largely been defined by external influences. But we don’t have to let that information limit us or what we can create in the world. Moving past limiting identities is not only important for our own lives but also for changing the world.

Filipino woman looking at mirror and smiling

Poem: I Know You


No matter what you feel like or look like, there is an “I” that knows the real you.