Ilchi Lee's White Dragon ink with brush painting

I Am a White Dragon

This image I made many years ago has kept coming to mind lately. It is a painting I call “White…
woman smiling in the city

Harness Positivity for Real Solutions


Discover how profound positivity rooted in Tao consciousness can help you overcome the fear of unrealistic optimism and unlock your potential to create real-life miracles.

man and woman in a flowery field

Song: Love Is the Flower of Life


In a world clogged with ugly messages, in which we keep hearing of division and mutual destruction, I would like to share love and beauty with you, simply and purely.

Two women greeting each other with a hug at a house party

Sustainability Is Based on Communities


The thriving of our species depends on more than taking care of the natural environment. Strong communities formed by meaningful relationships can lead to peace between nations and the cooperation we need to make a sustainable world for everyone.