father and son

The Most Important Thing

Teach Your Children Well The most important thing In the education of children Is to help them understand why They…
woman watching sunrise under a tree

The Essential Lifelong Question

A Lifelong Question Every person must let go Of everything in life. For not even a toothbrush Will accompany me…
Energy Meditation

Feel the Energy of Life

The information you hold about yourself and your world Is the footprint left by the life inside you. To truly…
young woman contemplating in a field

Do you feel truly alive?

A Heart That’s Truly Alive If thankfulness genuinely Springs from your heart Then your heart is truly alive. But if…
music notes

The Secret of Three Songs

Do you have three songs you can sing with confidence? If you don’t, start practicing today. If you sing a…
center of a red rose

Did I not love you?


The song to you called “Did I Not Love You?” by the Norwegian duo, Secret Garden, touched Ilchi Lee’s heart so much he played it for the people he loves and wants to share it with everyone.

Time for Conscience

The Times Call for Conscience Conscience is the salt that prevents decay, Conscience is the sun that brightens the dark,…
Ilchi Lee

Your Brain on Music

Music is very basic and intrinsic to human societies. We can see its interconnection with various cultures throughout history. There…