A New Year, A New Change

Ilchi Lee stillness and peaceA new change has now begun on the face of the planet. It’s a new awareness, an Earth Citizen consciousness that is pure and endlessly compassionate.

To fuel this change in yourself and the world, feel this pure consciousness inside—your soul. It is a consciousness that is foreign to divisions and boundaries.

When your mind is calm and settled, you can experience the pure energy of your soul, which is eternally unchanging.

If you can feel your soul, you can sense it’s eternal nature, and death loses its meaning. Death is not an ending, but simply the pure, unchanging energy of our soul moving from one energy state to another—to a new world—in the same way that you walk from one room to another.

The new change is taking place through this kind of consciousness, the awareness of the unchanging stillness at the center of everything. In order to create real and lasting change, maintain this pure awareness through meditation, regardless of what you encounter in life.

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