Let’s Choose Compassion in 2014

Between labor unions and consumers, and left-wing and right-wing parties, people continually point fingers as they harbor resentment, fight, and constantly rouse conflict, repeating the same pattern throughout history that is based on the logic that, whether between countries, organizations, companies, or individuals, you have to die if I’m going to live. Even those who say they are fighting for the greater good are really caught up in group egotism, creating more animosity and strife.

But does it really need to be this way?

I think there is a spirit that underlies all life that allows us all to thrive if we know how to tap into it. This spirit transcends personal interests, individual societies, countries, and religions. It’s for everyone, everywhere in abundance.

I call this spirit the Hongik spirit. Hongik translates to “widely benefiting” from Korean. When we put aside our emotions and judgments and cast away our fear, we can find the Hongik spirit and live with harmony and compassion for all life.

Ilchi Lee - Hongik spirit

Embodying the Hongik spirit is true enlightenment, and it is a choice, one that we make with every thought, word, and deed.

As we stand on the threshold of 2014, I ask everyone to throw away their old, tattered clothes and put on a new perspective of abundance and generosity. Together, let’s shine out the Hongik spirit and create a brighter future and a better world.

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