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Girl holding the earth - Ilchi Lee's Prayer of Peace

Prayer of Peace

This “Prayer of Peace” was presented by Ilchi Lee at the United Nations Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and…
Ilchi Lee helping to clean up an oil spill in South Korea

Everyone’s Earth

In 2007, an oil spill polluted the coasts of Taean County in South Korea. At that time, many citizens from…

True Freedom


There has always been great spirit at the heart of great human triumphs and victories. This spirit has been called “conscience” or “conviction.”

Time for Conscience

The Times Call for Conscience Conscience is the salt that prevents decay, Conscience is the sun that brightens the dark,…
Korean volunteer Kookhak qigong instructors

Heartfelt Gathering of 5000 Volunteer Instructors

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Five thousand volunteer instructors gathered at the Han People Historic and Cultural Park in Cheonan-si, South Korea on the evening of July 3, 2010. They united because of their passion for sharing health, happiness and peace through free Dahn Yoga classes in their local parks. Ilchi Lee joined them to give a lecture and training in the Earth Kigong form.


Hong Ik Hope


This poem explores the deeper meaning of Hong Ik, one of Ilchi Lee’s core philosophies that comes from traditional Korean culture.

hazy green hills

Hope Message: Hope for the Earth

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The most important ingredient for creating the world our hearts crave is hope. We must first have hope before we can do anything. We must believe sincerely and wholeheartedly that a world of peace and harmony with nature is possible. Then through hard work, a good strategy, and sincere diligence, we can mold such a world together.

Cheonan, South Korean - Global Cyber University - Institute of Korean Cultural Studies

Dream Comes True with Cyber University

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The new Global Cyber University opened on March 2, 2010 with 490 students. Five years in the making, this online university will offer degrees in departments such as Human Services, Global Business Management, and Korean Cultural Studies. As the president and founder, Ilchi Lee hopes that students will imbibe the philosophy of Hong Ik–widely benefiting all humanity.