The Era of Brain Philosophy

Sixteen thousand children die of starvation every day. Although we produce plenty of food, it does not reach them because the light of conscience has disappeared from humanity. These young souls cry out, “Please don’t let kids die of starvation like us on this earth ever again.” If we do not heed the final appeal and warning they send to humankind as they die, we will have no future. What can be done to get the brain of humanity to hear this message and restore the light of conscience?

What humanity wishes for in the 21st century is health, happiness, and peace. The human brain does not differentiate between nationality or religion. In order to usher in an era in which every mind is healthy and happy, there needs to emerge a philosophy with which all humankind can empathize. A philosophy of fusion for humankind’s health, happiness, and peace, beyond denominations of East or West, must appear. That’s precisely why Brain Philosophy has emerged in these times.

The strongest motivator that has driven human history thus far has been a desire for “a better life.” In order to satisfy this desire, humanity has continuously built civilization, forming tribes and waging war, dividing and combining, and expelling and collaborating. The desire to change for the sake of living a better life, rather than simply aiming for survival, comes from the brain inside of the human skull. The brain really is the epicenter of human history.

Ever since humans started walking upright, our brain has not stopped imagining beyond our limitations with a desire to obtain more food, traverse greater distances, and move faster. The brain developed methods of farming and the technology for handling minerals, and also invented the automobile, airplane, and spaceship. It also devised social systems; and not only did it explore the earth, the ground of our lives, inside and out, it went beyond the solar system and is approaching the edges of the universe.

In the process of actualizing imagination into reality, the brain constantly came up against the limitations of reality, but broke through them time and time again. Even at this very moment, each person’s brain is working tirelessly in order to overcome the obstacles it currently faces. What made human history a history of endless creation in this way, is the brain’s innate tendency to imagine and create constantly.

The brain, which has actively written human history with the most outstanding creativity on the earth, is now finally turning attention to itself. Like “the one who now returns from the back streets of youth and stands before the mirror,” perhaps the brain suddenly faces itself. We’re growing serious about neuroscience, in which the brain studies the brain as a subject. Attested to be science’s final frontier, neuroscience commands a great deal of interest both inside and outside of the academic world; it opens a new window of understanding of the human.

In order to understand the human being, it is necessary to know the brain, the primary figure of human history; and in order to know the answer to the question, “Who am I?” it is necessary to know how the brain works.

Furthermore, in order for the brain to overcome the limitations of modern civilization thus far achieved and make the shift into a new civilization, the starting point can only be the brain. This is because understanding the brain makes it possible to find the direction and method for that shift.

Although investigation of the brain is drawing the attention of many fields, I feel that a philosophy addressing the value of human existence is indeed a field that necessitates a profound understanding of the brain. Based on this determination, I am putting forth Brain Philosophy, a philosophy of practical application that underpins the value and utilization of the human brain based on a foundation of neuroscientific theory.

Ilch Lee - Brain philosophy - the thinker

In formulating Brain Philosophy, I focused intensively for the past 30 years to find solutions for awakening to and actualizing the ultimate human value. I have encapsulated all of the answers I obtained from the research performed during that time into Brain Philosophy. From this point forward, continued investigative research will advance the structure and content of Brain Philosophy.

What’s important is that through an understanding of the brain, anyone can find their own answers to the ultimate questions of “Who am I?” and “How should I live?” In Brain Philosophy, there is no separate set of experts. If you awaken to your value and the principles of life through your brain, and strive to live by that awakening, that’s a sufficient grasp of Brain Philosophy. This is because Brain Philosophy is not an academic discipline that demands study, but an experiential philosophy of practical application realized through the physical body.

With the development of science and technology, the brain—which used to dwell in the realm of the mystical—has come to reveal its identity, bit by bit. However, on the other hand, the abuses of a flourishing material civilization are increasing in severity day by day. The most critical occurrence among them is that the source of our life, the earth, is growing deeply ill. The earth has given so many things to humanity. Just as parents raising their children do, the earth has provided unrestrained support as humanity’s mother and father.

But like an immature child, humankind has held out its hands unrelentingly towards the earth, and the earth, which has given everything, continues to fall deeper into illness. Seriously hurt, the earth gives us constant reminders that it will be difficult to be a foundation of sustenance for its descendants anymore. In spite of this, the human race turns its head away from this critical situation. This is probably due to denial arising out of fear, or to having too many vested interests to acknowledge the present reality and change. The policy-makers in particular, those who have retained the most from the earth, have a greater tendency to cover their ears to the signals sent by the earth.

It isn’t only problems of the earth’s natural environment that the world faces now, but a hefty addition of the problems of imbalance, inequality, and injustice incurred by power struggles. Although many people have stepped forward to warn that, if we continue the way we’re going, humanity will not have a future, the situation is not changing. It only goes to show with greater certainty that knowledge-based information alone does not lead to action.

There is a pressing need for measures that will lead people to a deep realization of the fact that humanity must make a new choice for the sake of all of our futures. How can this be accomplished? The key to resolving this matter is found in our brain. As an information-processing organ, the brain instinctively gives an immediate response to sensory information. Therefore, when a situation is perceived not through knowledge or intellectual information but through sensory information, relevant voluntary behavior can be executed.

The protagonist who will solve the heaping problems of the world is not one single superhero, but an enlightened human race of which each and every member has not given up their dream of an extraordinary life.

I have high hopes for Brain Philosophy to fulfill its role as a philosophy that generates awakened people, a philosophy of practical application that empowers individuals to save themselves and the world. That’s the primary reason I developed Brain Philosophy.

Brain Philosophy does not remain as a concept, but moves forward with a methodology for utilizing the brain effectively in actuality. This characteristic of Brain Philosophy makes it comparable to an “app” of sorts. It’s the application for the smartest device in the world—the brain.

When the Brain Philosophy app is launched, various philosophies that had been stored only as intellectual information can come alive and work together. Classical philosophy and modern philosophy, Eastern philosophy and Western philosophy blend into a fusion within the philosophy of a practical application called Brain Philosophy, bringing a new value back to life.

Resuscitation is the defining attribute of Brain Philosophy. Those who adopt Brain Philosophy will come to have Ilchi Lee says this year 58 heads of state will change.the spirit of Hong Ik, by which they awaken to and actualize their own value. I hope that, through Brain Philosophy and Brain Education, people will revive the senses of their brain, restore their health and their conscience, and as a result, overcome this era of inhumanity and herald a new era of hope for humankind.

2012 is the year in which 58 heads of state throughout the world are newly selected at the hands of the people. What will the human race choose for the sake of its health, happiness, and peace? It is my profound hope that citizens who adopt Brain Philosophy, leaders who exercise Brain Philosophy, and a new humankind that applies Brain Philosophy will bring forth an era of compassion and benevolence that saves all life.

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  • Thank you Ilchi Lee , once again. for showing your love towards all of us, to let us think again and come out of our ego shells. I Love you. and feel your heart.

  • With the tools we have through,, and the ongoing work of Ilchi Lee and his followers, we have what we need to make Brain Philosophy be realized by many people!
    People I meet and speak to are ready for this change! We will see a change from a material civilization to a sprititual civilization!
    THANK YOU ILCHI LEE for providing the tools we need to make this change!

  • Knowledge and ideologies and religions have failed to effect the changes we so desperately need to save ourselves, humanity and the world.
    We have to know by feeling, by experiencing a self that many of us have not yet awakened to, to be able to take responsibility for all of this we have created and to feel a burning desire to create a new reality.
    I have felt that “self” through trainings and meditations offered through Brain Education and I will do my part in sharing it with as many other people as I can through my work at Madison Center and through spreading the word through Call of Sedona and Life Particle TV.
    Thank you for giving us so many tools through which we can change our brains and the brains of all humanity into loving compassionate brains.
    Alyse Gutter

  • Brain philosophy to awaken the sense of belonging and responsibility towards mother earth and humanity, I want to raise my hand and say I ll do my best to make an impact for the benefit of all.

  • I need brain philosophy because my brain and everyone else’s brain are connected. Our brains may look separated because they are surrounded by bone and bodies that make us look different, but in reality, if my brain is negative, those are the brain waves that I contribute to the whole, and then our collective consciousness takes us one stop closer towards destruction. I feel through this post the true responsibility I must take for my brain, and that when I choose a Hong Ik like, I help the world move forward one stop closer to a Hong Ik World.

  • What a profound solution to the survival of mankind! Brain Philosophy. No diffirenciation, no discrepency, no preconception, no wars. Only ONE human brain will bring us to the peace to the world which is every mankind’s dream.

  • I also need Brain Philosophy. It acts as an enabler to give a person the chance to root themselves into a healthy lifestyle. It allows one to become involved in their life as the conductor leads an orchestra. I specifically need this because my life is a journey with the experiences felt through this philosophy. Not a string of dead ends but I have changed many negative emotions and memories to become a beautiful weaver in the design of my life. Each day I feel more and dream big with desire to make our world different for the better. We need Brain Philosophy because we all have a common denominator the brain. And we need to find a similarity we can all collectively communicate by so to harmonize our differences and heal each other and our earth.

  • I am inspired that the answers to the fundamental question of our lives is to be found inside our own brains. Brain Philosophy can empower people to choose, act and create the lives that they want to live. Thank you for your wisdom!

  • Thank you for this post. I will also be a deliverer of Brain Philosophy, so that many people will recover their Humanity. This post helps me see that a tremendous opportunity is before us. And, that we already have the solution inside of us, if we awaken to both the dire situation and grap ahold of the solution. Thank you!

  • The world has been in need of a unifying philosophy like this to bring about Global Unity to solve the problems our Earth is facing. We have too long been separated by small differences in nationality, religion, and political ideology that have lead to countless wars and environmental destruction. I feel great hope through Brain Philosophy for myself, my family and all humanity.

  • Maurice Anderson
    March 12, 2012 8:59 pm

    Brain philosophy is a wide concept. The brain is the largest part of our universe, with endless waves and depths. In that vastness we can find the cure for hunger, war, and deseases. However, we must put alll our actions into making these things disappear, by using our brain well.

  • It seems we have everything we need inside of us. If brain philosophy can awaken the masses, then everyone should jump on board!

  • Brain Philosophy is the Final Fontier for Humanity! The last place to explore…very interesting and very exciting.

  • I have hope that many people will open their eyes and hearts to see what it really means to be a human being, a responsible and enlightened citizen, working together with others to find better solutions to the problems we are facing. it is time for a philosophy, it is time to be working for the broader benefit of all!

  • Brain Philosophy is brilliant! An “experiential philosophy of practical application realized through the physical body.” We all want to be healthy, happy, peaceful, feel a sense of purpose, both within ourselves, and with the world around us. I think this new active philosophy will help us to understand the very nature of our existence: who we are; why we are here; and where it is that we are going. Brain philosophy will guide us down that road to peace.

  • This is a very exciting era to live in! Thank you, Ilchi Lee, for helping me find my human value through brain philosophy and brain education.

  • The brain has given us the ability to build civilizations and develop incredible technological systems and scientific advances. Yet, starving children and a deteriorating Earth (the source of our sustenance) is given little more than lip service, even as we watch horrifying acts on the nightly news programs. Brain philosophy, the application of current neuroscience research and Brain Education, fills me with hope for the future of humanity — for an era, in which compassion and beneficence are highly valued, instead of cynicism and opportunism.. Thank you for this remarkable app for all humans, not just the privileged few.

  • We must all remember that we must use our brains to help bring about th e change that is necessary to help our earth survive. Only then can we get the collective necessary to bring about change.
    Thank you, Ilchi Lee, for bringing us the concepto of brain philosophy and what it means to all of us.

  • Very interesting and challenging. How do we get our brains to have a community focus rather than ego focus? I am excited to learn more in your next article! Our brain is a great tool or can be a big handicap. I would really like to help my children learn to use their brain for healing our Earth and community. Once again – great post.

  • Brain Philosophy is needed now more than ever. There is no time to waste in solving our human problems let alone saving Mother Earth’s condition. We need to acknowledge our current condition and be bold enough to dream of our desired futures. One thing for certain – the more divided we are, the greater is the chance for our own disintegration. Ilchi Lee founded this radio to prevent us from holding on to traditional grudges and shortcomings and by connecting with each other more sincerely. Thank you Ilchi Lee for this newfound insight that many of us can join in. No matter what, I promise to keep going and going untl your voice will come through.

  • Dearest Seuseung nim,
    Very powereful, I wish that your talk could be broadcast throughout the world for all to hear. I fell so honored to be a part of this and I will do my best to help talk about it and share. I am humbled by you Seuseung nim.
    I love you,
    Woo Ae

  • Veronica Gutierrez
    March 13, 2012 8:56 pm

    Thank you so very much for this message of oneness for all threw Brain philosophy. I will work hard on myself to lift my consciousness to a bright and loving state of mind. Which will bring peace with in me and within those around me.
    Thank you and I love you.

  • Can you imagine if all of us will be using more than 10% of our brain? This Brain Philosophy can be a step collectively in utilizing the most potential of our brain. I am very excited living in this era where we have a spiritual guide that will lead us to understand humankind’s divine capability through our most closest tool, our own brain. Thank you Ilchi Seseungnim.


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