Brain Food

Ilchi Lee - Brain Wave VibrationFeed your brain good information by taking out harmful information. As you go through each day, even if you don’t want it to, negative and unhelpful information gets in. If such bad information accumulates in your brain, it becomes stress. You need a moderate amount of stress, but more than that causes problems in your brain.

You can pull out the harmful information by releasing stress from your whole body. Vibrating your body is the best way to draw out bad information. All you have to do is shake it free. It’s a simple principle. Vibrating is like feeding your brain.

It’s hard to vibrate if you’re worried about how you look and you hold yourself too stiffly. Let yourself go as if you were a little child who is not afraid to be herself. Shake your body with wild abandon. Through vibration, you will feel more alive.

This is Brain Wave Vibration. Give your brain three meals a day with Brain Wave Vibration.


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