A New Future with Earth Management

Ilchi Lee - Earth Management

Despite limited resources and the dependency every person has on it, the earth is not being managed as a whole. A management system for the earth right now is simply non-existent. We have national governments, and we have countries fighting against each other. Does that make sense? If we were managing the whole earth, then we wouldn’t have 16 thousand children starving every day.

I think it’s time for people who have power and influence to get together and create some kind of system for managing the earth. I feel like that’s our responsibility as people who are living on the earth today. Our problems will not be solved simply by sitting around and praying. We’ve been praying for peace for humanity for thousands of years.

There seems to be many people who say we’re going to see the end of the world. However, I have hope. I have the hope that it’s possible for us to initiate a new system of earth management. I saw that hope through meditation. I still haven’t figured out the specific steps for how it’s going to happen. But I believe that people hold the answer. The answer is found in our brain.

In the end, it’s about each and every individual finding themselves, thereby attaining the power to change their energy. When those kinds of people get together, they can come up with great ideas—just as many people came together to put a man on the moon.

People like Benjamin Franklin, who had the brilliance to harness electricity into something useful, have received certain messages from the world of their unconscious mind. Even now, there are people everywhere who are aware of the power of the unconscious mind and the need for earth management. They are starting to mobilize loosely. It’s a new spiritual movement. I feel that it’s critical.

That’s why, to manage the earth and create a positive future from the brilliance of our brains, we need to change the consciousness of all humanity. To do that we need two things: to strengthen our sense of humanity and to restore the earth’s natural environment to its original healthy state. If we can achieve these two things, then I feel a golden millennium awaits us.

There’s not a lot of time in which we can make changes. But you can still find the work that you need to do and take part in the solution. You’ve received a lot of things after coming to this earth; you’re indebted to the earth. We’re all indebted to the earth, so I hope you can work for the future of the earth for as long as you have life in your body. That’s the way you can grow your soul. Can you really feel comfortable saying, “Oh, I’m done now. I just want to live a comfortable life,” when we have 16,000 children starving to death every day? Would you be comfortable just because you close your eyes and your ears?

I feel we can find the answer in our brains. When we take the approach that each of us has a responsibility as an individual, we can find solutions we seek.

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  • I beleive the hearts of humanity are ready for this awakening too!
    Energy Meditation is the tool I have been utilizing to awaken my heart and now
    I have started a meditation circle in my community to help others. Ilchi Lee’s
    love for humanity is so evident when you choose to begin energy meditation and create a healthier, happier, peaceful you.


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