The Law of the Earth and Life

According to what principles do you live?

I suggest following the principles of revolution and rotation. They are the Laws of the Earth. As the Earth rotates around itself, we also focus on our own needs and desires. As the Earth revolves around the sun, we also follow the course and structure of society, acting for a larger, central cause beyond ourselves.

People who say they live only with the principle of revolution, with only the good of others in their intentions, aren’t telling the whole truth, or are blind to themselves.

Human beings necessarily have a selfish nature, so they can grow and live physically; however, they cannot live with selfishness alone. If they only know rotation, without knowing the principle of revolution, their lives become unstable.

The Tao is not found elsewhere. It is found within each of us. A Tao master is a person who benefits the whole, and who realizes the oneness of the universe.

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