All We Have Is Love

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Words have power. They influence our energy field, our hearts, and our brains. Here is a power phrase for you.

“All I have is love!”

How do you feel when you say that? Try saying it a few times.

The moment we say, “All I have is love!”, we’re flooded with energy, and there are two effects.

  1. Our hearts fill with love.
    The love in our hearts is limitless if we don’t block it. It’s love that extends from ourselves, to our family and friends, to all of humanity, and to the earth. It’s love that yearns for coexistence.
  2. All our chakras open.
    The chakras are seven main energy centers in the energy system of the body. They relate to and affect every aspect of ourselves. Health and abundance come when they are open. The energy of love creates health and abundance when it opens and fills our chakras. Newsletter signup banner

These effects are just the beginning. The vibration of love in our hearts and minds makes all other emotions vibrate. Emotional energy moves and releases from us, letting our minds return to the zero point. This is the point at which we are completely free and clear. We see things as they are and are not hampered by attachments or the desires of our small selves.

Love brings us to the zero point, and love explodes at the zero point. At the zero point, we are our true selves, and our true selves are love. Everything is love. Love is all we can have.

Can You Feel the Love?

Can you feel and see the love? Can you realize the essence of everything? We can’t see and feel the love when we are not looking at it. Declare, “I am someone who has nothing but love!” and the love will start to show itself. Our brains get impressed when it hears, “All I have is love!” It realizes, “Wow! I’m full!” It can find positive points in any situation and can find and nurture the goodness of any person. Then, we can stay cheerful and spread that cheer. We spread love around the world.

All we have is love. Walk energetically with this mindset. Eat and sleep with this awareness. Live with this perspective. It’s the most valuable way of life.

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