Big Love Brings Big Change

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Embracing love in every action holds the key to infusing meaning into our lives, illuminating our world, and fostering positive change for ourselves and the earth.

When we become interested in and love something or someone, we naturally think of them. They are on our minds when we see a beautiful sunset or eat something delicious. We consider them in our actions big and small.

Bringing love and consideration into all our actions brings meaning to our lives. Everything in everyday life becomes valuable. Our daily tasks or seemingly insignificant things become food for our soul when they are infused with love.

Our small loving actions add up. Little by little, they bring out our brightness, and we can see the world with different eyes. We spread that brightness all around us; our world becomes brighter as well.

Imagine if our love was as big as the earth . . . or even larger. Imagine if we loved the earth with all our hearts: if we considered the earth in our choices and if every action reflected that love. We are bound to change if we have such a big heart.

Loving the earth is loving ourselves and loving everything. It’s not hard to love the earth because that love is part of us. We’ll begin to feel it if we remember to think about the earth as we go through our days.

We don’t only need new technologies or systems to take care of the earth and each other. Any new technology or system can become harmful if we lose touch with the love that we are. But if we connect with that love, our true selves, then everything we do will be beneficial for the earth, for other beings, and ultimately, for ourselves.

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