Discovering True Peace: TMJ Breathing for Relaxation

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Relax into your body and into your true self with this unique meditation.

Many of us live with stress and tension, and while we may experience temporary relief during a vacation or self-care, true relaxation, comfort, satisfaction, and peace may be elusive. It’s worth asking ourselves, “Have I ever experienced genuine peace?” and reflecting on whether our brains recognize this state.

True peace and satisfaction come from being fully ourselves, which means emptying and opening ourselves to become egoless. When we achieve this state, known as “muah” in Korean, we feel whole and complete. If we’ve experienced muah even once, our brains will recognize the feeling if we experience it again. It’s the ultimate goal of meditation.

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Open Your Mouth to Open Your Mind and Heart

Most people think of meditation as sitting still and clearing the mind, but this can be uncomfortable if we’re not experienced. Instead, we can relax by breathing with our temporomandibular joints (TMJ) while lying down in a stretched posture. To do this, we open our mouth wide as if yawning and repeat this at least 10 times.

Breathing deeply with our chest while our mouth is open, we exhale and discharge the stifling energy in our chest. We feel our shoulders and chest relaxing, and our spine straightening and lengthening. By opening the TMJ, we relax our entire body. This is a good way to release blockages and stimulate feelings of peace, as our minds are open when our mouths are open.

Discharging the stagnant energy in our chests can promote good energy circulation and relieve the blockages that reduce energy circulation between the brain and the rest of the body. When our heads are overheated, we tend to think too much, which makes it challenging to quiet our minds and attain the egoless state of muah.

A Peaceful Meditation Posture

For peaceful meditation, we can try Ilchi Posture, where we lie down on our backs with our legs straight and our feet shoulder-width apart. We raise our arms above our heads and extend only our pointer finger on each hand, which naturally stretches our body and improves blood circulation and oxygen supply to our brain. Although this posture may be uncomfortable or painful at first, any tense or painful areas will gradually relax with time.

Learn more about Ilchi Posture in the following video:

By opening up and letting go of everything that holds us back, we attain an egoless state of muah without realizing it. We see things more clearly, and we realize who we truly are. We need to open up to feel refreshed, and TMJ breathing in Ilchi Posture can help us achieve this state of peacefulness and relaxation.

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