The New Humanity Pledge: A Gathering of Hearts and Minds

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While we each individually have many problems to solve, I believe we can’t ignore the larger global problems that affect us all. Our current social, political, and environmental issues have converged into an existential crisis. They require monumental and lasting change if we’re going to solve them, and such great change requires many individuals and groups working together.

However, if any real change is going to happen, the first change we need to make is in our own minds. We need a shift in consciousness from one that is centered on myself, my family, and my nation to one that is centered on the entire earth. It is a shift from being a young child of the earth to being a responsible adult who takes care of its parent.

To promote this shift and gather the hearts and minds of people who are ready to make it together, I have created the “New Humanity Pledge.” It describes the change in consciousness we need in detail as well as broad actions we can take once we make that change.

New Humanity Pledge

Why a New Humanity Must Rise

The unprecedented changes we are facing in our natural and social environments require a transformation of who we are and how we live. Therefore, we call for the birth of a new humanity.

A new humankind that recognizes the interconnectedness of all life and makes the planet’s well-being the foundation of all its values is urgently needed.

As Homo sapiens, our intelligence has helped us accomplish much, but it’s not enough to solve the challenges we face as a planet. To overcome them, we must expand our consciousness and transform into Homo coexistence, a species that lives in harmony with the earth, nature, and all life. If we don’t choose coexistence, we will bring about our own destruction,

The time for this shift is now.

Change Is Urgent and Inevitable
Humanity stands at a crossroads. Worsening climate change, ecological collapse, uncontrollable technological advancements, and the increasing threat of violent conflict make it clear that time is running out for our species. We must take immediate action to turn things around. We need to undergo a radical shift in our thinking and behavior to address these challenges.

There Is a Better Story
While humanity has a history of competing and struggling for dominance, causing suffering to individuals and devastation to the planet, we must recognize that this is not our only story. Our true story, one of greatness and beauty, has yet to be written. The choice and power to shape our destiny is in our own hands, now more than ever.

We Are Ready
The answers to our problems are already available to us. What we need is to make a choice and commitment. If we are concerned about the future of humanity and our planet, if we’re dedicated to leaving the earth in a better state than it is now, if each of us is willing to play our role in contributing to a future that is sustainable, just, and peaceful, then we are ready to transform ourselves into a new kind of humanity.

Declaration of Who We Are

We Choose Who We Are
We recognize that we are not bound by any dogma, religion, or limiting belief system. By breaking free from the constraints of the past, we take ownership of our bodies, minds, and consciousness, and create a new path toward a more peaceful and sustainable future.

We Are Earth Citizens
We recognize that we are not bound by any dogma, religion, or limiting belief system. By breaking free from the past, we take ownership of our bodies, minds, and consciousness, and create a new path towards a more peaceful and sustainable future.

We Are Nature
We recognize that we are not separate from nature but are an integral part of it. We understand that our actions have a profound impact on the natural world. By embracing our natural essence, we restore our connection with nature and work toward creating a healthier relationship with our planet.

We Are the Earth’s Future
We recognize that the earth’s future is not someone else’s problem but the responsibility of each of us to protect and preserve. By embracing this responsibility, we can create a sustainable and thriving future for our planet and all its residents.

Proposed Actions

As members of a New Humanity, we commit ourselves to the following actions:

  1. Caring for our own physical, mental, and emotional wellness naturally and proactively whenever possible and helping others do the same.
  2. Living in harmony with nature by reducing our carbon footprint, conserving energy and water, and protecting natural habitats and biodiversity.
  3. Promoting peace and harmonious coexistence by fostering dialogue, respect, and understanding across cultures, religions, and nations.
  4. Supporting mindful use of technology and sustainable and equitable economic development through responsible consumption, production, and investment.
  5. Educating ourselves and others about the urgent need for change, the opportunities for action, and stories of success, and encouraging others to join us in the effort to save the planet.

A Call for a New Humanity

We urge everyone, from individuals to organizations and governments, to prioritize the well-being of our planet and all its inhabitants above short-term profit, convenience, and power.

Let us unite and take the first step toward changing our past habits and ideas, and building a new humanity committed to harmonious coexistence with each other and our planet.

“I pledge to become part of a New Humanity, and to make creating coexistence on earth my personal responsibility and priority.”

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