5 Ways to Unlock Your Unconscious Mind for Creative Manifestation

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Say, imagine, and practice what you will create with the divine consciousness of coexistence, and your unconscious mind will align with your past, release it, and open up a new future.

Is there a part of your life about which you find yourself thinking, “There’s nothing I can do,” or “I can’t do that,” or even, “That’s impossible!” Despite the encouragement of all the self-help advice available, these thoughts can persist, keeping you spinning your wheels in a set framework.

You probably know that this framework holds you back. It keeps you from doing something amazing or from realizing your heart’s true desires.

In a sense, you’re right to think it’s impossible. If we only operate from our preconceptions, from a narrow consciousness, and don’t use all the powers of our brains, it is impossible. In order to make the impossible possible, we need to part with our words and actions of the past and access parts of our brains we don’t normally use. We have to look beyond our intellect and our memories and bring our unconscious mind into play.

In our unconscious mind lies a more complete connection to our bodies as well as a more complete connection to the divine consciousness and energy that exists in everything. With these in our corner, we can reach beyond our past and create a new future. The impossible becomes possible. Newsletter signup banner

Five things we can do to bring our unconscious minds online in our daily lives:

  1. Embrace a mindset of coexistence.
    Coexistence and compassion characterize divine consciousness and release the energy blockages in our bodies and minds that may be holding us back. Asking ourselves, “Is this helpful for coexistence?” before we do or say anything puts us in alignment with the spirit of coexistence, helping us tap into our creative power.
  2. Move and act.
    To create the impossible, we have to do rather than only think or tell. Our movement and actions, when they are done with a mindset of coexistence, bring out the energy and consciousness of our divinity. They build and grow this energy and consciousness until inspiration and creativity come naturally and easily.
  3. Have courage.
    We can’t change without courage. It takes courage to move and act differently than before. It takes courage to believe in the power of coexistence and to express ourselves with nothing but love, another aspect of divine consciousness.
  4. Build muscle.
    Steady muscle training builds more than our muscles. It gives us courage and action power. Our minds become clearer, and we have better judgment on what to do. We can see the way to our goals and take action.
  5. Set goals and check them.
    We can’t break free if we’re bouncing around in different directions. By setting a goal and checking our progress, we are not only steadily working toward the goal but are keeping our unconscious mind aware of it. Rather than just checking off our to-do list, we can check our mindset as well. We can ask ourselves whether we are maintaining a mindset of coexistence, whether we really believe we can change, and whether we are being proactive and courageous.

As we imagine, choose, and focus on our goals in each moment with a mindset of coexistence, the divine creativity we can access through our unconscious mind will go to work. It will bring what we’ve chosen into reality through our words and actions. It will align our past, release it, and open up a new future.

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