5 Ways to Have the Courage to Be Yourself

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It takes courage to be who we really are. We can find that courage in Life itself.

Each role we play in our lives places obligations and expectations on us. Some of these external pressures resonate with our inner being without any effort on our part. Some, however, may make us feel trapped, heavy, or oppressed. We may even feel as if we’re living the wrong life.

These negative emotions can be great motivators to make a change. We can set aside a particular role, or if we can’t or don’t want to, we can change our approach to it. If we don’t want to feel smothered by one of our life roles, I suggest we find ways let our inner selves out while we fulfill it.

That takes courage. It takes courage to discover who we really are, and it takes courage to let other people see it. Fear of disapproval or disaster may have been what led us to feel oppressed in the first place. However, there’s something greater than that fear and more powerful than social expectations—Life.

There’s something greater than that fear and more powerful than social expectations—Life. Click To Tweet

Getting into the Rhythm

Life with a capital “L” carries on without end. Regardless of the birth and death of many generations of creatures, despite mistakes and misunderstandings, Life continues, growing and contracting, ever-changing while permeating everything.

Human beings, you and me, are all part of this Life force and at our core, it’s who we really are. Being ourselves essentially means expressing the rhythm of Life.

When we can feel this Life force inside us rather than only knowing it exists, we become filled with courage and confidence. We know when we’re doing the right thing, because it matches the feeling of Life inside us. And we realize that if we follow this Life force, everything in our lives will fall into alignment with it.

That’s why I tell everyone to move with the bright rhythm of Life. As this rhythm grows bigger in their lives, their happiness grows bigger and so does their gratitude. Newsletter signup banner

Here are some ways I suggest getting with the rhythm of Life:

  1. I AM ME Declaration
    At least once a day, I declare out loud: “I am me! I am authentic! I am a bright human being! All my dreams are already coming true. Of course they are.” Speaking out this affirmation with our voice tells our brain our intention. Then it starts to make that intention reality through our thoughts, words, and actions.
  2. Tapping the Solar Plexus
    Around the solar plexus in the upper part of our abdomen lies our third chakra (energy center), which is associated with courage, willpower, self-worth, and creativity. When we feel very stressed or anxious, tension can accumulate there. By tapping this area with our palms or relaxed fists, we can release built-up stress and awaken a deeper sense of presence and rhythm in our body. I sometimes even do it one hundred times every hour to keep this area relaxed and empowered.
  3. Light Visualization
    The rhythm of Life can be expressed through light, sound, and other forms of vibration. By imagining light pouring down into me or shooting arrows of the brightest, hottest light into my chakras, such as my third chakra, I can feel myself filling with that rhythm.
  4. Singing and Dancing
    At least once a day, I sing and dance to my heart’s content. I don’t necessarily use particular dance steps or lyrics. By moving my body freely and joyfully and making it feel good, the natural rhythm of Life starts to come out, and my body starts to express it.
  5. Happiness List
    Every day, I make a list of ten things that make me happy. The things that make us truly happy reflect who we are. By consciously taking note of them regularly, we strengthen our authentic selves and start to grow toward them.

These simple actions we can do every day to resonate with and strengthen the rhythm of Life inside us are even more powerful together. When our daily rhythm matches the rhythm of Life, every situation and role, regardless of the obligation, becomes our creation. It becomes fuel for how we really want ourselves and our lives to be.

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