Ilchi Lee’s 3 Bite-sized Ways to Beat Holiday Stress

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The holiday season has come once again for many of us. Hanukkah has already begun. Bodhi day will come soon on December 8th. And Christmas and Kwanzaa will close out the month before the new year begins.

The holiday festivities may bring many people joy and light, but at the same time, they may also bring stress and worry. We have so many more things to do that stretch our time and our wallets. And while family can be our strength, family dynamics may not always be peaceful.

There’s plenty of useful and good advice out there for how to deal with stress and worry and all the side effects that go with them. I’d like to offer you three more that you can do in a moment, without preparation or equipment and without taking much time out of your busy day. Newsletter signup banner

  1. Find the silver lining.
    Put on a smile (even a fake one) and think of something that makes you happy or a positive aspect of your current situation. Do this as often as you need to help you move on to the next thing on your list.
  2. Imagine light.
    Imagine a gentle rain of golden particles of light soothing your body and mind like a warm shower. Breathing slowly and deeply, feel the shower of light flashing away your fatigue, worry, and tension.
  3. Take a dance break.
    Shake away your worry and stress as you wiggle your way back to a calm, even happy, mood. Don’t forget to dance like no one’s watching. You’re the boss of this moment and your body. Move to your favorite song or simply the music in your head.

Squeezing in these small reminders of the brightness behind the stress can help us embody the spirit of the December holidays, which represent bringing light to darkness. I hope we all become transmitters of light for each other.

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