Time to Shine the Light of Your Spirit

While it may not be obvious in a world where children face starvation, hopelessness about their future, violence in schools, and even shootings like the recent one at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, now is a time when the energy of heaven has become stronger on earth; I call it ‘chunshi’ in Korean. It’s a prime time to take the next step forward in our collective and personal spiritual evolution and in creating a spiritual civilization on earth.
Let your spirit shine

How do you do that? You do it by bringing out your spirit, what is called ‘eol’ in Korean. Eol is the essence of life—joy, happiness, love, light, and the power of creation. It is your conscience that tells you that the happiness of all is your happiness. It is your soul, your divine aspect, the God within you, which is the consciousness of the creative observer in your mind that rests in the physical organ of your brain.

This observer is the part of you that can step back and watch everything you think and do from a higher perspective. It has access to both your conscious and unconscious mind and can tap into a universal wisdom that is beyond your personal experience. Some call that wisdom a sixth sense, others call it divine inspiration. If you look at it another way, the creative observer is that wisdom itself.

But this observer can do more than just sit back and watch. It can move and direct LifeParticles. LifeParticles are the combined matter and spirit of which everything in existence is formed, including your body, mind, emotions, and even your creative observer. Particle physicists discovered these elementary particles when they broke down matter into smaller and smaller components. They learned that, depending on whether an observer is present or not, these particles could take on the characteristics of small bits of matter or of waves (energy, spirit). Extrapolating from this and many other scientific findings, you may say that this higher, wise consciousness you have inside your brain can affect physical reality. And because of the pervasiveness of these elementary particles, it has boundless creative ability.

Most of us may have limited awareness of our creative observer. Maybe you’ve sensed it before. Maybe you’ve noticed another “voice” in your mind that analyzes what you experience. Or maybe you’ve had flashes of insight that seemed to have come out of nowhere. In those moments, you’ve glimpsed your creative observer.

To access this divine part of you in a useful and consistent way, however, you have to return to zero. You can think of the creative observer as your true essence at the core of your being. Layered around it are your accumulated knowledge and experiences, both the ones you like and the ones you don’t. Most of the time, the way you evaluate and interact with the world is based on this accumulation. Although you are always learning and growing, however, your life experience will always be more limited than the vast wisdom of the universe. To be successful, happy, fulfilled, live out your life’s mission, and create a spiritual civilization, your awareness needs to be one with your true essence. You need to take on its perspective. It will then be able to use both your personal knowledge and universal wisdom creatively with benevolence, compassion, and love.

There are many ways, especially many meditation techniques, to get down deep into your essential self. Brain Wave Vibration, especially the form I call Younggamudo, is a simple and effective moving meditation that shakes away all of the layers surrounding your spirit. I often recommend this method because even people with little or no meditation experience can do it well. Also, by moving your body, you move the energy in which your knowledge and experience is stored. In the process, you clear it away to get to the light underneath. Even individuals with a lot of meditation experience can access parts of their mind of which they were previously unaware by shaking up the energy stored in the deepest recesses of their brain and body.

With this technique, you eventually go into a state of meditation in which your brain waves are at an alpha frequency and your mind feels still and clear. In this state, you can even experience yourself and/or the world around you as made up of elementary particles and/or of light. The separation between you and the rest of the world dissolves, and you can sense universal laws and truth.

Inner lightOnce you are aware that in essence you are a loving observer with creative power, you gain responsibility. You become responsible for your own growth and development, and for what you generate in the world. If you want a better world, a world not based on material values but on love and oneness, you need to take action for that outcome. With your sincerity and devotion to such a world, align all of your thoughts, habits, and goals with it. Have a plan that you follow and check.

Although this may seem daunting, experiencing your essence can give you the confidence you need to achieve it. Confirming your greatness and wisdom through meditation changes an interesting and possibly unbelievable idea into real knowing. The more often you have that experience, and the more you act on it with sincerity, honesty, and responsibility, the more your spirit will shine through your face, brightening the world around you. Through living as a creative observer that directs LifeParticles, you can find the answers to all problems and conflicts.

Now is the season of light shining through darkness. Humanity celebrates the candles lit during the rededication of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem after it was desecrated, the star that announced the light of Jesus coming into the world, and the beginning of the days getting longer.

Now is the time for the light of our spirit to brighten the world around us so that a new spiritual civilization of happiness for all may be born through us. While so far we have relied on saints, sages, and awakened masters to provide that light, we can now choose to be initiated into spiritual adulthood with the realization that we are light, we are divine, essentially we are LifeParticles, and therefore, we have the power, ability, and responsibility to create a more loving and peaceful world.

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