Is Your Energy Strong Enough to Withstand Stress?

How is your energy right now? Are you able to tell?

Gauging your energy state is an effective way to check your mental, physical, and emotional health minutely, because it affects and reflects all of these.

If you haven’t developed your ability to sense energy, a sense that everyone has, though it may be undeveloped, you can do this simple test to check your energy condition.

Put one hand on your forehead and the other hand on the skin of your belly. Which feels warmer than the other?

The state you want to have is your head being cooler while your belly is warm. This difference in temperature reflects the flow of warm fire energy and cool water energy in your body in its ideal direction.

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If the situation is reversed, and your head feels hotter than your belly, then your energy state, and therefore your body and mind, are not in a condition to withstand the physical and emotional stressors in your life. You may easily get emotional, have headaches or stomachaches, or feel lethargic or unmotivated. The balance of your body is broken, and your immunity is lessened.

There are many exercises to reverse this trend, which can lead to more serious issues. One of the easiest is Body Tapping. You don’t need to be in good condition to do Body Tapping, but this rhythmic stimulation of your body readily opens your energy points, relaxes your muscles and fascia, and calms your mind.

You can tap all over your body with your fists, palms, or fingers and find the stiff or painful spots that indicate your energy is blocked there. Or you can concentrate your tapping to your lower abdomen.

By stimulating your lower abdomen, especially two inches below your navel, you strengthen the energy center there while opening the main meridian down the center of the front of your body—the Conception Vessel. This meridian is often blocked when your energy flow is reversed.

Try tapping this spot in a steady rhythm with enough strength that you can feel the vibrations deep in your abdomen. Feel these vibrations while you exhale your tension and blocked energy through your mouth, breathing comfortably.

After a few minutes, how do you feel? Do you feel clearer, calmer, but more energized? Are your neck and shoulders relaxed? Then you have made a healthy energy flow in your body.

By regularly using simple methods like these, you can create the energy state that’ll keep you healthy and positive, even in times of stress.

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