Immunity Boosting Toolkit: Brain Wave Vibration

Women doing Brain Wave Vibration

At a time when the strength of our immune system has become even more important, it’s useful to have simple ways of boosting our ability to fight off infections. I’ve included many exercises in my Immunity Boosting Toolkit that you can do in short bursts throughout your day. The next tool in this multi-post series is also one of the oldest (and perhaps the most fun)—Brain Wave Vibration.

This form of moving meditation involves rhythmically, mindfully, and freely moving the body. Some people prefer this method of meditation because it releases tension from the body while calming the mind. It can be easier for beginners to go into a meditative state with a moving meditation such as this, and there is nothing to know or learn.

The real key to Brain Wave Vibration is to feel, particularly to feel the body and its energy. By focusing on our bodily sensations, we draw our attention away from our thoughts, gain access to our subconscious mind, and develop greater awareness of our body and its condition. Brain Wave Vibration allows us to find the movements our body needs to create in order to release pain and tension and to rest and rejuvenate deeply. The body already knows this and can do it when we get our “thinking” mind out of the way.

Brain Wave Vibration achieves all of the conditions we need to improve our immunity:

  • Warmer body temperature
  • A relaxed state
  • Stress relief
  • Better circulation of blood, lymph, and energy
  • Improved removal of waste in the gut to create a healthier gut environment
  • Bring the mind and emotions into a positive state

This meditation method can be as simple as shaking the body to its own natural rhythm. It can also include tapping the lower abdomen to stimulate the important energy center there and to facilitate Water Up, Fire Down energy circulation in the body—the healthiest energy flow it can have. Regardless of the movements we make, Brain Wave Vibration involves three steps:

  1. Deliberately make vibrations.
  2. Let the entire body ride the rhythm.
  3. Follow the flow of energy.

To do Brain Wave Vibration, we can stand, sit in a chair or sit on the floor in a half-lotus posture. We can even lie down. Listening to percussion music made up of simple beats can help us get into the rhythm in the beginning.

At first, we consciously shake, move, and tap the body. As our brain waves slow down and we become more attuned to our bodily sensations and energy flow, we can allow them to take over and guide our motions. This lets us tap into and strengthen the unconscious processes, such as our immune system, that maintain and heal the body. It allows these processes to do their work instead of being overridden by the thoughts we have that lead to stress and energy blockage.

One of the most common and effective ways to do Brain Wave Vibration is to sit and shake your head from side to side while tapping your lower abdomen. This combination of targeted movements releases head, neck, and shoulder tension while also reducing abdominal tension. It increases circulation in the abdomen, much like Belly Button Healing and Get Bright Breathing, and also strengthens Water Up, Fire Down energy circulation.

Learn how to do this type of Brain Wave Vibration from Body & Brain Yoga instructor Danielle Gaudette in the video below:

Practicing Brain Wave Vibration may remind us that life can be free and organic if we don’t suppress the natural healing abilities of our bodies and brains through chronic stress and habitual negativity. Our bodies have a natural tendency toward balance, unless that tendency is disrupted. Brain Wave Vibration’s ability to foster deep relaxation is a hallmark of many of the world’s indigenous healing practices. It not only strengthens the immune system, but unleashes our natural vitality, confidence, and compassion.

If you would like to learn more about Brain Wave Vibration, you can check out my book of the same name: Brain Wave Vibration: Getting Back into the Rhythm of a Happy, Healthy Life.

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