Energy Basics of Life

Ultimately, we, as beings, are not separate from the life energy of the universe. Just as every life form in the world is, human beings are also undergoing ceaseless exchange with the life energy of the universe as they generate the phenomena of life. You could say that, beyond the dimension of the physical body that can be seen with the eyes, your body exists as an energy body that is endlessly vibrating. Although the energy body is not easily visible to the physical eye, energy is circulating around the 12 meridians, approximately 360 major energy points, and 7 chakras. In the trillions of cells of the human body, countless elementary particles are making tiny vibrations. All such things comprise the energetic phenomena and flow of the human body.

Ilchi Lee - 12 Life CircuitsEnergy flow and the phenomena that result are generated naturally, even if we’re not necessarily conscious of it. But what really matters is that we are able to consciously change and amplify the energetic phenomena of the human body.

All you have to do is open your mind and heart and accept the powerful energy that’s already traveling through your body like a radio tuning into a particular frequency. We all have a frequency, and you can choose the frequency that you tune into based on what you want to achieve. Do you have an infection you want to remove or emotions you want to release? Consciously receive and direct the type of energy circuit for that into you. Even without seeing or knowing what a specific circuit is like, merely by stating the intention in your mind that you will receive all of the energy circuits you need for a specific purpose, they will come into you.

Then observe the physical, mental, and emotional effects they generate as the circuits penetrate specific parts of your body at a fast speed. Cold energy may leave your body, or you can feel prickly sensations, or you may even feel a strong sense of heat.

Depending on how strong the effect of the circuits becomes, subtle or very strong vibrations may arise in your body. Don’t try to suppress them, and just entrust your body to the vibration. Through that process, a natural healing phenomenon occurs in which the stagnant energy and cold energy that was stuck in your body will go out automatically.

The waves that flow through your body can come in as a vertical line, or they can enter by wrapping around you or going into you at different angles. You can direct circuits to the places you need them most and even send them outside of your body anywhere you want.

The greater the strength of your mind, the more rapidly energy will rotate in and through you, clearing and charging your body that much more quickly. With repeated practice, your focus will improve, and you’ll be able to utilize consciously the life energy of the universe that creates all phenomena.


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