It’s Time to Choose

moving toward a new sunriseThirty years ago, in answer to my question, “What am I to do with this enlightenment?” I had a vision of two futures for humanity. In one, the Earth was united by peace and co-existence. In the other, the Earth was completely destroyed by war and environmental pollution.

I resolved then that I would awaken the Hongik spirit in each and every person’s heart so that the enlightenment I’d discovered could blossom in the world.

Each year, each day, and each moment, I make that choice anew. Whenever I am tired, it calls me forward and fuels my life.

What will you do? If you believe you can do anything, what will you choose? Choose now, from your heart of hearts—from your soul.

Great courage is needed for that. You have to accept your choice though it fills your body with fear.

Do not believe in yourself or a better world; instead, be enlightened to your true nature and all its potential. Be enlightened, and take action.

I send infinite blessings to you for the new year.

Note: Hongik means “widely benefitting” in Korean

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