Empower Yourself with Words

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Words have energy.

They are the creation of your brain and affect your brain. When said aloud, the energy of words are carried on the waves of sound from the vibration of your vocal cords.

If you focus on those vibrations and sounds, you can feel the energy shift in your body and brain. Your energy will resonate with the energy of the words.

What words are you using now? With what energy are you operating?

We can use words thoughtlessly or we can use words mindfully in each moment.

You can amplify the messages you want to give yourself through chanting. Take a deep breath and give yourself an affirmation, repeating it to your own rhythm. You can say it loudly or softly, quickly or slowly, as you express your inner self. Let your true self come out through your voice.

Using your voice, you can begin to embody the energy and attitudes you want to choose for your life. By changing your energy with sustained chanting, you empower yourself to take action with that energy.

You don’t have to use sentences or even words, though, to express yourself and change your energy. You can simply make sounds. Any sound will do. If you focus on a part of your body, the sounds that part needs will come out of your mouth. If you can focus on your soul in your heart, the sounds your soul needs to grow will be expressed.

Trust yourself. You have everything you need to make a difference in your life if you choose to let it out.

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