To Take Control of Your Stress and Life, Make Your Soul Bright

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We don’t need to be overwhelmed by life if our soul is brilliantly bright.

Do you feel as if you’re living by brute force? When you feel tired or sick, or just out of sorts, maybe the only thing you feel like you have the time or energy to do is push through it. You are getting through your day, taking care of your job or your partner or your kids and pets. Meanwhile, the pain and exhaustion continues to build up inside.

Eventually, as you know, underlying stress and fatigue can turn into a physical illness or emotional outburst. Taking a vacation, whether for a night or a week, can diffuse your stress for a time and help you recharge. But getting away physically or mentally doesn’t address the underlying issues. Regular self-care such as eating well, sleeping well, and exercising, however, can help prevent stress and make you capable of handling any stress you do feel.

I think, though, there is another level of managing our stress and our body and emotions. Besides our physical body, I’ve found that we also have an energy body and a spiritual body. In order to not be dragged along by life or to trudge through our responsibilities, we need to know about these other bodies, understand them, and take care of them.

Taking Care of Our Three Bodies

So what is an energy body? Put simply, it is all the life energy that flows through the body, what in Asian philosophy we call qi, chi, or prana. This energy is what is addressed in practices such as acupuncture and qigong. Life energy and the energy body extends several feet beyond the physical body. This corresponds to what people call an aura.

While we talk about energy as a separate element, we’ve also realized that energy composes the physical body and the spiritual body as well.

When energy produces thoughts and consciousness, we call that body of information the spiritual body. The spiritual body also includes what I call our soul.

Our soul is the energy and consciousness that carries on independently of the physical body. While our physical body gets sick, ages, and dies, our soul does not.

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Our three bodies are interwoven with each other while we’re alive, and so they affect each other. That’s why to be truly healthy and happy, we need to take care of both body and soul. We can do this by taking care of our energy, and in turn, our physical body and emotions will also be healthier and more positive.

The healthiest state of our soul is gwangmyung. Gwangmyung is a state in which our soul’s energy becomes brilliantly bright. It is so strong and bright that it chases away dark, negative energy from our three bodies. Making our three bodies gwangmyung makes them the healthiest and happiest they can be.

We can make our energy bright and strong partly by doing physical exercise and giving ourselves positive messages, encouragement, and good news. Another part involves taking care of our seven chakras—places in our body where energy gathers and creates a vortex—and making Water Up, Fire Down energy circulation in the body. Having this natural, healthy energy flow can be accomplished through meditation, breathing, and other energy practices.

Try These Exercises for Your Chakras and for Water Up, Fire Down

Chakra Sound Healing & Visualization

Simple Vibration Exercise for Water Up, Fire Down

When we make ourselves gwangmyung with these exercises, we are activating the inner love that’s independent of any external conditions—the ultimate, unconditional love. Unleashing this love brings out boundless creativity that lets us create the lives we want.

Being gwangmyung also lets us hear the wisdom of our soul. Our soul can tell us all the ways we can live with love in every moment. In this way, we can create our health, our lives, and our love by ourselves. We can truly love ourselves and can feel that our heart is becoming more and more filled with love.

Our soul can tell us all the ways we can live with love in every moment. In this way, we can create our health, our lives, and our love by ourselves Click To Tweet

When we know how to love ourselves, all loneliness disappears, and we become one with ourselves. That’s how our soul is awakened and becomes one with the physical and energy bodies. It can communicate with the physical body through energy. By awakening and listening to our soul, we stop being dragged about by life and start turning our lives into ones filled with love and health.

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