You Are the Light

Ilchi Lee - you are a light

You are the hope and the light. That’s what I want to share with people.

Light is bright energy that we carry around with us. We all have a certain amount we are able to carry. We can’t take in light that’s too powerful for us. Strong light isn’t always good. But we can increase the amount of light we hold.

When we want it, we can make light come, or we can make darkness come. The choice is ours. Not recognizing this relinquishes our power to choose.

Just like light, the same goes for health, happiness, and peace. We can choose to bring them into our environment or choose not to make them come.

Of course, the result of our choices is not always absolute. However, recognizing and making choices is important. If we give up our choice, then our life loses meaning. Many people surrender their power and right to choose because they don’t know their value.

What is their value? It’s infinite, limitless energy, the energy that can create anything. Now, it’s time to start using that energy. The more we use it, the greater the light of that energy becomes.

But that energy, that value, is manifested when we believe in it, when we have trust and faith. If we don’t trust ourselves, then the energy won’t appear or the value won’t be manifested.

We are the hope and the light. That’s what we need to know.

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