I Wish You a Year of Creating New Hope with Your Inner Light

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Let’s congratulate and cheer all of us on the passing of 2020 and the coming of the new year.

This past year, we suffered a lot of hardship and pain from the pandemic. Although it was very difficult, it also gave us an opportunity for reflection and change. We once again felt the value and preciousness of life and discovered that we have the power to find hope in the midst of despair.

As the world went through the pandemic together, we learned that the path to health, happiness, and peace is not in institutions or systems, but in the hands of each of us. We also realized and felt that caring for our communities was the way to our own health and safety.

May 2021 be a year of creating new hope by illuminating your inner light, the light of Gwangmyung—the bright, pure light from the Source of all life.

There is a bright light inside everyone. This is a blessing, a true blessing. And this is hope, the greatest hope. This is the light of our consciousness and the hope of everyone.

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This inner light was not created by someone but always existed in and of itself. Therefore, there is no need to have certain conditions in order to find the inner light. Just choose that light. Choose it. Then it will happen.

When we meet our inner light, we can see hope in any situation. No matter how hard it is, we can move forward while looking at that light. We can heal ourselves, love ourselves, and make ourselves happy. This power comes from the inner light, the golden Gwangmyung light.

I hope all of us will see the bright light that has never been turned off and can never be turned off, the light of Gwangmyung, the light of consciousness that shines brightly in the brain.
Our inner light has mighty creative power. It gives us the power to love, respect, and heal ourselves. Our love and respect for ourselves grows into a life of Hongik that widely benefits all living beings.

The world is now looking for new hope. How amazing it is that each of us, each one of us, can be the hope of the world. How valuable is it! The bright light within us makes it possible. Newsletter signup banner

In 2021, many people will light up their inner light to change and create their lives. It will be a year of light that creates new hope in the world. New consciousness and culture will emerge from all over the planet. This is the consciousness that human beings and nature, humanity and the earth, are one. The oneness between them will brighten the consciousness of everyone.

Realizing this, amazing changes will happen very quickly. The year 2021 is about to see a new big change in human history. Discovering a bright consciousness, a consciousness of Gwangmyung in all of us, will be an amazing feat that will illuminate the future of humanity.

I hope that we can all make such a change together in the love, courage, and blessings of our inner light.

I wish you all health, happiness, and peace.

Thank you. I love you.

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