Your Original Form Is Light

Woman in the light
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Your original form is light and life. It’s light and life beyond all harm, eternal life, self-existing in solitude.

That life is conscious of neither guilt nor victimhood. Your original, true nature cannot be trapped in guilt. Any shame or remorse you may have is merely a wound, a memory, not who you originally and truly are.

Your original nature is not a being that can be injured. The different memories and emotions you have are just shadows.

People often mistake those dim shapes for the real thing. But the false self vanishes when your true form appears.

Those shadows are obstacles that can keep you from pursuing love and peace; they’re dark images ruling the world. Once you know them to be false, you need no longer fear them. If you mistake them for real substance, though, the shadows can dominate you and make you afraid.

All the information you have is your shadow. That’s why I say that we are ruled by information. It’s just information, and information can be created and deleted. The one who does things, who acts, is you, not your information.

Your substance is light, truth, and freedom. They are your true form.

We can escape from all guilt once we realize that we’ve mistaken ourselves for mere shadows. Knowing that, we are reborn.

Like two sides of the same coin, as long as there is light, there is shadow. Don’t hope to be free of shadows. It’s enough to see them for what they are.

Your fear, resentment, and shame are mere shadows. It’s important to choose: “I am light!”

Will you choose light or shadow?

If you choose shadow over light, you can lose your original form. But you’ll have good habits if you keep choosing the light. Please seek to be a child of the light.

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