Ancient Wisdom of the Chun Bu Kyung You Can Apply Today

The Chun Bu Kyung in Ancient Text
The Chun Bu Kyung in Ancient Text

Everything changes. You can take that as a fundamental principle of life. However, fundamental principles themselves never change. They are the undercurrent of all the events in our bodies, our lives, and our world.

About 9,000 years ago in ancient Korea, fundamental principles were illuminated in what came to be regarded as a sacred text called the Chun Bu Kyung. This text, passed down orally and then written in different forms, speaks of life’s essential mysteries of birth, growth, and completion. Throughout the generations, the wisdom of the Chun Bu Kyung has remained relevant, and there are many lessons we can apply to our modern lives.

Some Essential Chun Bu Kyung Concepts

  • Oneness: Everything comes from One Source, a Source that has no beginning or end, and eventually returns to that Source.
  • The One has spiritual, materialistic, and energetic aspects described as heaven, earth, and human. Each human being came from the energy of heaven and earth, and in each human being the energies of heaven and earth reside.
  • In Oneness, good and evil, life and death, heaven and earth are not defined as opposites, but as parts of the same cosmic harmony.
  • The Oneness of all naturally expresses itself through actions that benefit all (Hongik).
  • We have an Original Mind that’s the same as the mind of the One Source, the Cosmic Mind, which is bright like the sun.
  • Human beings have infinite value that is not tied to anything. Our true value is that we are free, divine beings.
  • Humans have a special mission to develop our divine aspect and to reconnect to the earthly and heavenly realms.

The concept of One is central in the Chun Bu Kyung, and the character for one, or il in Korean, is repeated the most among its 81 characters. We can interpret One as meaning consciousness, both Cosmic Consciousness (Cosmic Mind) and our individual consciousness, which are one.

We can experience oneness by becoming free from ideas and mental representations. In that oneness, we can see our true selves, use our Original Mind, experience our infinite value, and live with infinite creativity. We can rely on this consciousness.

Our lives are like tiny droplets of water floating in the ocean. We are little lives connected with the great cosmic mind. When we feel the cosmic mind, relying on it, we can feel ourselves becoming infinitely free and great. Click To Tweet

How Can You Create a Consciousness of Oneness?

Oneness can only be experienced in the present moment. This is the purpose of meditation and methods I’ve created such as Brain Education. You can focus on the moment by feeling your body’s sensations, such as your breathing, your heartbeat, or your inner energy field.

Meditation can not only focus your mind, but can refresh your information. It can clear thoughts and emotions so you can see your true essence of oneness deep inside. Meditation also gets our thoughts and emotions moving enough that we can remain detached from them. With distance from our ever-changing thoughts and moods, we can see the bigger picture—the harmony and beauty of the whole and ourselves as part of it.

One active meditation I recommend doing for a oneness consciousness is Brain Wave Vibration followed by Pineal Gland Meditation. These meditation methods strengthen the divine consciousness in our brain.

You can further clear your mind and energy and strengthen your consciousness by experiencing the Chun Bu Kyung through sight and sound. Listen to the Chun Bu Kyung being chanted or chant it yourself. Meditate on the meaning and image of each character.

Apply the Consciousness of Oneness to Your Life

What does it look like to see everything through the lens of oneness?

  • Helping others means helping yourself.
  • Healing yourself helps to heal others.
  • There’s no need for guilt, judgment, or blame.
  • Everything is an aspect of love.
  • We reconcile with others and ourselves.
  • We see beyond ideologies and divisions to the One in all of us.

By looking at our lives and the world through the lens of oneness, our relationships can change. We can be more motivated to care for ourselves and be more willing to reach out to others in need. We may hesitate to accuse or insult others knowing that we are harming ourselves by doing so.

Our choices can change as well. We can consider what’s best for the whole when we make decisions, discarding options that benefit ourselves while hurting others. Instead, we tend to make choices that are mutually beneficial.

By showing us who we really are, the Chun Bu Kyung points the way to thinking and acting for the highest good.

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