Personal Growth through Energy Practice

Each and every character of the Chun Bu Kyung contains Yeongki (靈氣), a spiritual energy that creates great harmony. In our daily life, the energy that animates us can be cloudy and/or dark, or it can be pure and bright. By connecting with the spiritual energy of the Chun Bu Kyung, you can purify your energy. The more you connect to the Chun Bu Kyung, the more this divine energy will fill you and influence your thoughts and actions. When you are filled with the energy of the Chun Bu Kyung, it’s much easier to be positive, to have a open heart, to value yourself, and to want to help others.

So how do you “connect” to the Chun Bu Kyung? Its energy is carried in the sight and sound of its characters. Try this practice for the month of February to discover the Chun Bu Kyung for yourself.

First you need a copy of the Chun Bu Kyung with both its Chinese characters and the transliteration of the Korean pronunciation of each letter (of course you don’t need this if you already have sight and sound of the Chun Bu Kyung memorized). Here is one below:

Ilchi Lee - Korea- Chun Bu Kyung - energy practice

Now look at each character and say its name aloud. Go through each character slowly, fully absorbing it. Bring all of your focus to each character and really experience it. When you chant Il (一), just know Il (一). When you chant Shi (始), you should notice the energy of Shi (始), and when you chant Chun (天), or Heaven, you should do it with the feeling of heaven. Do this three times or more. If you have the Chun Bu Kyung memorized, visualize each character in your mind.

After chanting, take a few minutes to close your eyes and focus on the feeling of your breathing. Notice what passes in your body and mind without judgment. Finally, write about what you experienced from the entire practice in a journal.

Over time, you may notice a peace and harmony emerge inside you, and find you are less emotional. You may observe your concentration is getting stronger, you feel more confident, or you feel healed from the inside. When you do, to really know the Chun Bu Kyung, share what you’ve received with others. As we pursue an internal life, we enable many people to change so that they can share that life with us. That’s the greatest good we can do in this world.

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  • Thank you. I have already memorized the sound of Chun Bu Kyung. My next step is to completely memorize the images and meaning of each characters. I will do that by practicing in a journal. After morning practice I chant Chun Bu Kyung. I will choose one character a day and write it several times while thinking of it’s meaning after I chant three time the Chun Bu Kyung.

  • Thank you for this guide. I feel myself becoming brighter thru this training.

  • It is a little difficult for me to get enough time alone to practice, but the little time I did get to first practice this exercise was powerful. I sensed some kind of connection while chanting Il, then a very strong physical sensation of energy that left a strange taste in my mouth like electricity. i really believe that through this month I will experience the Chun Bu Kyung deeper ghan I ever have. Suseungnim Gamsahamnida.

  • The concept of Yeongki reinforces the power of Chun Bu Kyung. It’s shows that, like poetry, the sacred text is not meant to speed through. Each character is important.


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