A Beginning that Never Ends

In the following blog posts in this series about the Chun Bu Kyung, I’d like to share my interpretation of the meaning of each phrase.

Ilchi Lee - Korea - Chun Bu Kyung - shiIlchi Lee - Korea - Chun Bu Kyung - MuIlchi Lee - Korea - Chun Bu Kyung - shi

Il Shi Mu Shi

One begins unmoved moving, that has no beginning
Il (一) signifies one, or heaven, and Shi (始) means entering into principles. Together, Il Shi means entering into the principles or the nature of heaven.

What are these principles?
Shi also signifies that the One begins. Therefore, the one that the Chun Bu Kyung speaks of is the One from which everything in the universe arose and from which it is derived. It is where everything will ultimately return in a never ending cycle. The One is the ultimate reality that is has no beginning and no end. It’s what some people call the Source, the Creator, or God. Heaven, or the divine characteristics of creation, earth, or the material characteristics of creation, and human, or the energetic characteristics of creation, are united in the One.

Mu (無) is nothingness or a void. The universe can be said to be One (一), and it can be said to be the Beginning (始), and it can be said to be Nothingness (無). All creation lives rooted in emptiness. It is a full emptiness—full of limitless potential that has not yet materialized.

How do these basic principles apply to our lives?
Human beings have a part of us that is intimately linked with all of creation and the limitless potential that underlies it. This part has no beginning and no end. At some point, our material nature will return to the earth and our heavenly nature will rejoin the heavenly aspects of the universe.

Our minds have the ability to comprehend these principles and to consciously join the One even while we are alive. They also have the ability to tap into the limitless creative power that is a part of our nature, and to use that power with the mind and the heart of heaven, remembering that we are all connected and must live as a benefit to each other.

The Chun Bu Kyung also tells us that each and every moment is a new beginning where we can start again from nothing. Therefore, our lives are a blank canvas waiting for us to create whatever we imagine.

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  • This posting has really changed my idea about Il, Shi, Mu, and the potential of life. I am so excited and want to create as much as possible. Gamsahamnida Susengnim.

  • Oneness with no beginning or end, entering heaven into the void of nothingness. It is so inspiring to hear what you have said. I will root my life in nothingness so that I may be alive and creative. This morning I practiced with pen and paper to write the characters of Chun Bu Kyung. Today I started with Bu. Thank you for this chance, these are awesome journal entries!!! Let today be in accordance with Mu, with the limitlessness of potential. This study reminds me of Dahnmudo the Art of limitlessness.

  • Thank you for this simple explanation. I chant Chun Bu Kyung when I bow in the mornings and can feel the warmth and love in my heart, it jump starts and brightens my day. I can’t wait to read the rest the blogs this month. thank you for your guidance

  • Bill McCarthy
    February 5, 2011 9:59 am

    I especially like this part: “The Chun Bu Kyung also tells us that each and every moment is a new beginning where we can start again from nothing. Therefore, our lives are a blank canvas waiting for us to create whatever we imagine.” Opportunity knocks 🙂
    The Chun Bu Kyung is very new to me and yet seems familiar. I think Ilchi Lee has refreshed an ancient and wonderful (full of wonder) art of peace and a new way to generate peace for our magnificent home, the planet Earth.

  • Thank you!

  • Il Shi Mu Shi!!
    Every moment holds great potential for new creation in my life.
    I choose it!
    Thank you for teaching us this wisdom!

  • I like the expression of begining again in any given moment. Wouldn’t it be great if we all implement this and strived to be a better human at every moment through the day, what a better place we would live in.
    Thank you Seuseung nim for sharing all you know with us..

  • With your explanation, I can feel the Chun Bu Kyung as a message of love, forgiveness and hope. Even if we have fallen short or failed, we can begin anew fresh and clear. We can keep going forward.
    Thank you so much for delivering these words of love and compassion and hope for us all.

  • The last section of how the principles apply to us is really helpful. When someone is learning the Chun Bu Kyung it is a nice starting off point before they feel the energy.

  • The concept of One is really powerful. Being part of the One empowers me. It’s also easy to grasp for those who are of religious backgrounds. There is no separation of Gods. One source with many names.


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