Be a Limitless Mover

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Il Seok Sahm Geuk

One divides to three crowns, while remaining a limitless mover

While the Chun Bu Kyung speaks of One (Il, 一) ultimate reality, it tell us that One divides (Seok, 析) into three (Sahm, 三), which represent three different dimensions of existence—heaven, earth, and human, or what is between heaven and earth. The origin of these three, however, remains one and the same. This act of division is an act of creation—how life itself becomes matter imbued with spiritual, material, and energetic characteristics.

The character Geuk (極) means the ultimate, the end point, the crown, or the pole. It tells us that as heaven (天), earth (地), and humanity (人) emerge out of the One (一), a clash of energies occurs. Geuk (極) includes both Yin (陰) and Yang (陽). It tells us to go as far as we can, and then go one step farther. As we keep walking toward our ultimate limit, that limit keeps dividing smaller and smaller into infinity, ever unreachable, but at the same time leading us back to the One Source.

If we keep going in constant devotion (Il) toward the One via a dream and vision that is in service of heaven, earth, and humanity, we’ll walk through the walls we’ve erected around our true nature (the One). We’ll sense our own divinity–heaven and earth inside us.

Try this exercise to connect heaven and earth with your body and gain your own experience of oneness or divinity. Sit with your spine erect and your balance centered in your lower abdomen. With one half of your body firmly rooted to the ground, let the other half relax and feel open toward heaven or the greater universe. Taking deep slow breaths, let your mind watch your body. Tell yourself, “It’s okay.” At this moment your soul will find peace, and your body, too, will follow, finding comfort and new strength.

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  • Very touching to have such a teacher as you. Ilchi Lee thank you. This post speaks volumes to me.

  • Thank you very much. I find these postings very interesting and helpful for my daily life.

  • Your words are helping me to understand that everything is an expression of the One, including me. Even things that I don’t like, such as violence in our world, if broken down into it’s smallest elements are still part of the One. I have a choice to use my divine connection to create a positive world, even in the smallest decisions and actions that I take.

  • I love the deep insight into the Chun Bu Kyung! The more I learn, the more I want to learn! Thank you for these words of wisdom! I look forward to the next!

  • Thank you Seuseung nim. Every time I look into the Chun Bu Kyung I experience it at a deeper level. I like how simple you explain it.

  • Thank you so much for the exercise, Seuseung Nim. It is so easy to forget “it’s okay.”

  • Dear Ilchi Lee,
    The Chun Bu Kyung is more meaningful because of your explanations. Thank you so much. I also like the simple meditation exercises you encourage. They are so easy to do and rewarding. I find my whole aspect for the day changes once I do the exercise. Any negativity seems to vanish, and positive thoughts follow me. My whole day goes better because I’ve followed your suggestions. Thank you again

  • The meaning of the Chun Bu Kyung is both simple and complex. This post lays it out nicely.


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