Scratching the Surface of the Chun Bu Kyung

Close your eyes and imagine a bright light entering you through your head and filling your body until it overflows. It washes away all sadness, fear, worry, hatred, and judgment, leaving only love and peace behind. That love and peace is not a myth, nor something you need to take on faith. It’s your own true nature.

Ilchi Lee - Korea - SamtaegeukOnce you experience it, it’s not hard to realize that your true and pure nature is divine. However, most people spend their lives not giving it much attention, or thinking it’s something they will only know about once they die. Yet the Chun Bu Kyung, a text of just 81 characters recorded thousands of years ago, says that while we are alive, we can dig out this part of ourselves that’s been buried, and live with the consciousness of love and peace for ourselves, all creatures, and the earth. In fact, it says doing that is the purpose of our lives. And it gives us the directions to do it.

If you look at the Chun Bu Kyung literally, those directions may not seem obvious. It describes life’s essential mysteries of birth, growth, and completion in terms of a system of numbers. But each character, as well as the text as a whole, has a certain energy that you can connect to in meditation or feel when it is vocalized. The energy will unlock the answers to the mysteries that lie dormant in the part of your brain or mind that is part of your divine nature.

In my own experience and interpretation, I’ve found that the Chun Bu Kyung teaches these three truths:

  1. Everything comes from One Source, a Source that has no beginning or end, and eventually returns to that Source.
  2. The One (il) has spiritual, materialistic, and energetic aspects described as heaven, earth, and human. Each human being came from the energy of heaven and earth, and in each human being the energy of heaven and earth reside. In this case, heaven is not a place you go after death, but is the divine aspect of something.
  3. The Oneness of all naturally expresses itself through actions that benefit all. In this Oneness, good and evil, life and death, heaven and earth are not defined as opposites, but as parts of the same cosmic harmony.

Tomorrow I’ll share with you practices you can do to feel each letter of the Chun Bu Kyung, and in future posts I’ll go through each line and explain it. I hope you’ll stay with me. Don’t forget that every week this month you can win a deck of cards with each letter of the Chun Bu Kyung and an interpretation and meditation for it by posting a comment on my Facebook page.

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