Shine Brightly in the Now

We’ve reached the last line of the Chun Bu Kyung, an ancient Asian text we’ve been extracting wisdom from this month (please see previous posts for the rest):

Ilchi Lee - Korea - Chun Bu Kyung - IlIlchi Lee - Korea - Chun Bu Kyung - jongIlchi Lee - Korea - Chun Bu Kyung - MuIlchi Lee - Korea - Chun Bu Kyung - jongIlchi Lee - Korea - Chun Bu Kyung - Il

Il Jong Mu Jong Il

One is the end of all, and there is no ending to the One.

Jong (終) means that everything ends. Everything ends and returns to the One (Il). It’s fitting that the Chun Bu Kyung begins with Il and ends with Il in a full circle. This One that the line speaks of is that which exists before before it could even be named “one,” and it is without end. It’s the ultimate reality.

Ilchi Lee - energy - eternityHuman beings have a physical body that has a beginning and an end. But we also have soul that is timeless and limitless. What I call a soul is the part of us that will carry on after our body dies; it’s the energy that is the same as that which flows through everything. When we die, we return to the One.

Therefore, life is eternal. Though our emotions, thoughts, and knowledge constantly change, life itself is immutable, because it exists of itself, by itself, and in itself in the now. When you bring your awareness to that life inside you, you attain true peace. You can feel your own timelessness and limitlessness. You can feel your true roots or home, regardless of where you travel in the world. This awareness brings not freedom from hardship, but freedom from fear and worry, freedom of imagination, and infinite creativity. It tells us, “Don’t worry, just live your life, creating.”

We can only have this awareness in the present moment. Emptying your mind, allow the present moment to grow and grow inside you until it shines a bright light on the past and future and only the now remains. With the roots of your being in the One and a radiant vision in your heart, live your life boldly in the eternal Now.


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  • This passage brings tears to my eyes. Tears of joy, knowing these principles speak the truth and they guide my life. I will read this passage again and again. Actually I want to read all of these lessons from the Chun BU Kyung again! Will they be available on this website for awhile? Or can be downloaded?

  • I agree with Crystal who posted that she wants to read this months insights into Chun Bu Kyung again. This has been a real wonderful experience. One of the things I love about the Chun Bu Kyung is that it has a wonderful ending. Although we should take responsibility now and follow through no matter what, in the end Chun Bu Kyung tells us that this wandering will not be forever. This isn’t a reason to put things off because we know it will be alright some day. This is a reason to be excited and joyful and to use that energy to run towards our true self with all our might. Chun Bu Kyung has made amazing changes in myself, these postings have been a blessing. Thank you Suseungnim for all your teachings and efforts. Saranghamnida.

  • I will live my life in the now!

  • I pray that all my family and friends will be open to the truth of Chun Bu Kyung for it is so simple to understand…not complicated theological teaching which has it’s place but is really not as enlightening as this great mystical expression of the beyond what can even be called One.

  • Great Points to ponder upon and will help me go deeper into Meditatoin. Thanks a lot.


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