We Are the Only Hope

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In Joong Chun Ji Il

Human bears Heaven and Earth, and the three make One.

The preceding phrases of the Chun Bu Kyung described how the One, the Source, divides into many different forms. In Joong Chun Ji Il brings it back full circle; Heaven, Earth, and Human join together to form One again. This cycle repeats endlessly, and exists macrocosmically and microcosmically. It exists inside of us.

This unity and the mobility and consciousness we have, gives humans the power and responsibility to create our lives and the world we want to live in. It makes us the guardians of Heaven and Earth.

Therefore, human beings are the only hope. A more peaceful and harmonious world rests on our shoulders. It depends on choices put into action by those with the insight and bravery to look upon the world without selfishness.

To do that we need to stay centered with open hearts. Someone with a stable center doesn’t fear change or action. You can choose change without fear only when you are strongly centered in the dahnjon, or energy center, in your lower abdomen, and centered in your dream or purpose as well.

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  • I feel as you know where I stand. I agree, I need stronger dahnjon. I have fear of change and action. I know not to give up on my dreams.
    Thank you.

  • This passage makes me aware of my responsibility to take action from a place of centeredness. I feel must more courage when I read this with new understanding. I really love the Chun Bu Kyung! Thank you for delivering it’s deeper meanings.

  • I remember Suseungnim saying in one of his lectures “Before you pray for enlightenment pray for courage”. When I read this posting that is what I thought of. What makes Dahn training so powerful and unique is that it is a spiritual practice that is so rooted in this reality. It isn’t about living in seclusion for our personal growth and then saying “we are all one”. Its about saying because of this training I know we are all one and I can feel it in this body so powerfully that I can’t live in seclusion, I have to stay here with my fellow man. Suseungnim Gamsahamnida.

  • I will keep strengthening my dahn jon and working toward the dream of the harmonious world!


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