Ilchi Lee’s Brain Wave Vibration Method for Not Giving Up on Yourself

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You may have heard, and I have often written, that if you really want to love, heal, encourage, (or anything) yourself, you first have to connect to yourself. The deepest, most vital time I’ve spent connecting to myself is when I’m feeling the energy flowing in my body.

This is such an amazing feeling. In such a state, I not only sense myself but feel bigger than my body, than my normal senses. My awareness expands to encompass the whole universe.

From that perspective, nothing is impossible, or rather, everything is possible. That perspective is bigger than my doubt or fear or individual experience.

Everything Is Energy

Our thoughts and emotions are energy, and while they can be positive and grand, they are also easily changeable and subject to our ego and smallest desires. But our deeper energy is not.

The energy of what I call the soul, or true self, can be strong or weak, big or small, but it essentially does not change. Whether our bodies live or die, it’s the same pure essence.

We can rely on this.

When our words fail us. When our actions fail us. When the people around us seem to fail us. When the world looks like it’s failing, we can rely on our soul. And our soul is the “me” that I shouldn’t give up on.

Through the energy of our soul strengthening and brightening enough to rise to meet the divine energy in our brain, we can access greater knowledge and potential. We can see the bigger picture and connect it to our personal goals.

We can always rely on our soul, which rests in our body. Share on X

Vibrate to Change Your Energy

One relatively simple way to start strengthening and brightening the energy of our soul is through vibration.

Energy has and makes vibration. People can purposely vibrate their energy to change its quality. Vibration can make stuck energy flow so that the energy of the body can become clearer and brighter.

Vibration also helps focus the mind. Like a magnifying glass gathering the light of the sun to one spot, the mind gathers energy to wherever its focused, strengthening the energy in that area.

We commonly make vibrations with rhythmic tapping, pressing, shaking, and sound. I even made a method for it called Brain Wave Vibration.

Try This Brain Wave Vibration Sequence

If you’re feeling discouraged, overwhelmed, depressed, or just sick and tired, try this sequence of vibrating, feeling, and “dancing” with your energy.

It lets you shake off heaviness and negativity and connect with the joy of living that you feel when you’re in touch with your true self. It will remind you that your current thoughts and emotions, regardless of how they were triggered, are not who you are but are simply part of your ever-changing energy state. So rather than continuing down the path they seem to point to, shake up the status quo and change your energy with Brain Wave Vibration.

Do this training sequence without or with percussion music to help you vibrate.


  1. Stand or sit with your back straight. Close your eyes and look down inside yourself for a few moments.
  2. Make relaxed fists with your hands and use the pinky end to tap your belly two inches below your navel. Alternate both hands and tap repeatedly in a steady rhythm. Keep your arms, shoulders, and abdomen relaxed. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth, releasing your tension.
  3. After a couple of minutes, or at least 100 taps, continue to tap as you begin to shake your head left and right gently, as if you were saying, “No.” Let your neck and shoulders relax further.
  4. Then let your head move naturally in any direction, such as side to side, forward and back, or in a figure eight. Keep your awareness on the sensations in your body and keep inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth without forcing it.
  5. When you loosen even more, stop tapping and start shaking your entire body. You can do this in any position and can change your position as you shake. Make every part of your body vibrate as you continue to exhale your tension and old energy from your mouth. At first, you need to vibrate your body consciously and deliberately this way. But the more you shake, the more your brain will go into a relaxed, meditative state, and you’ll be able to experience subtle involuntary vibrations.

Energy Dancing

  1. Calming even more, feel your body as you transition from shaking to letting your body move in any way it wants. Surrender control to your body, which instinctively knows how to move to get what it needs. You can make big or small, soft or strong movements. Move without judgment or analysis. The sensations you feel inside indicate energy moving in your body. You are dancing to your energy.
  2. Keep going until you feel bright, free, joyful, loving—all the emotions you didn’t think you could feel easily before.
  3. Then finish by spending a few minutes in a relaxed posture, sitting or lying down, with your back and neck straight. Focus inside your lower abdomen, beneath where you tapped initially. Feel your lower abdomen rising with each inhale and lowering with each exhale. Keep your mouth closed to gather energy in the energy center in your lower abdomen and to make Water Up, Fire Down energy circulation in your body (more on that here). Having and maintaining this circulation is important for staying bright, energized, and empowered.

What were you able to feel during this Brain Wave Vibration session? Do you feel better able to move forward and to create your own life?

Your own body is the best tool for knowing, healing, and creating yourself. Vibrate your body mindfully to return to who you really are whenever you want to give up.

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  • Thank you Ilchi Lee for information that connects Body , Mind and Spirit and brings
    Brightness Inside the Body and outside
    in a vortex of healing Light 🌟

  • Carolyn Agosta
    June 7, 2022 2:27 pm

    As always, your guidance is stellar! Thank you! Shining bright and sharing it with everyone!


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