What If You Practiced Radical Gratitude?

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When something amazing or unexpectedly good happens, we tend to be grateful automatically. Sometimes, though, gratitude can take some work. I think being truly grateful includes being thankful even in very difficult, unfortunate circumstances.

If someone brought you misfortune, wouldn’t they be shocked when you’re grateful for it? “Something must be wrong here,” they’d think, taking another look at their list. “There must have been a problem with the delivery.” And they’d go somewhere else, saying, “This misfortune wasn’t meant for you.”

Feeling gratitude amid misfortune is easier said than done. But it’s much more beneficial and advantageous for you.

Maybe you’ve experienced that after a difficult time passed, you were able to see it more clearly. Amid misfortune and distress, we have a chance to understand life’s meaning more deeply and achieve more inner growth.

So, when faced with a difficult situation, why not accept it gratefully as a problem you’ve been given to solve? Within genuine gratitude, our souls put down deep roots and grow.

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