A Video About Gratitude

Obstacles or perceived deficiencies can be fodder for our personal growth. But in order for that to happen we must first be grateful for everything. Then our perspective changes and we can develop the attitudes and skills we need to succeed. Let’s watch this short animation and see how two successful people–Thomas Edison and famed Japanese businessman Chairman Matsushita—did it.

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  • This message really helps me right now… I need to practice keeping a grateful perspective about everything I have (or don’t have). It’s easy for me to forget this and become judgmental. I’ll keep trying!

  • I will practice creating opportunity from my obstacles and also practice making my smile!

  • The video holds a main focal point for life, gratitude. I would be nothing without it and thank you for posting it in such an inspiring way. Also, this is a great reminder to keep awakening my true voice from within by using tools that bring us back to our roots of true nature.

  • Thank you Ilchi Lee for this very fun and simple lecture to understand how gratitude is important for us to create the best perception. And to create more things that we will be grateful for.

  • This is a great reminder that to help me stay on my path of inner growth! Thanks for the beautiful video!

  • It is really inspirational stroy. Thank you for giving us this story.


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