Another Meaning of Corona

light of the sun making a corona around the earth
[Photo by goinyk via Envato Elements]
The dictionary says one meaning of the word “corona” is “a white or colored circle or set of concentric circles of light seen around a luminous body, especially around the sun or moon.”

Although the coronavirus is causing so much suffering around the whole world, it’s also shedding light on the darkness of selfishness and greed that can exist in human beings. The earth has become sick because of this darkness, and COVID-19 may be a desperate, serious signal to let humankind know about it.

But while human beings have darkness, they also have bright light. Their true selves have the brightness of a million degrees. With meditation and body-brain exercises, we can accept and clear out the dark energy of selfishness and greed. In its place, we’ll meet the light of the spirit of Hongik.

While humans have darkness, their true selves are a light with the heat of a million degrees. Click To Tweet

The definition of Hongik is “widely benefiting.” I believe that Hongik can be expressed in three ways. The first, is love; the second, is health; and the third, is peace. Our true selves are a love without bounds, the natural healing power of our bodies and minds, and the deepest inner peace.

It’s human beings that bring light to the world when we choose to express our innate love, health, and peace. For even the small ways we do this for ourselves and others, we can be grateful. Gratitude is the fuel of Hongik and the fuel of our true selves. In what ways are you acting in the spirit of Hongik today?

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