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Emotion-free EnergyEmotions, as everything else, are energy. Everyone has emotions; they are part of being human. However, if you are always full of emotional energy, if you are permanently immersed in a sea of emotions, your consciousness and your heart cannot be free. It’s easy for your love and light to drown in your emotions, and it’s easy for your mind to become clouded by your emotions.

When you become stuck in a cage of emotions, you are separated from your true self and from feeling connected with others; most people end up feeling lonely. Many compensate for that loneliness with superficial and ultimately unsatisfying things like games, media, shopping, and food.

But the real solution is to break free by clearing your emotional energy. You can do it in a moment. As you experience negative emotions, change them with a smile, a laugh, or a positive thought. You can also take a few deep breaths and expel negative emotional energy out through your mouth. Or you can even take a walk or do moving or sitting meditation.

Before you go to sleep, however, make sure you clean out anything you still have left. One suggestion is to do bowing meditation followed by five minutes of magnetic meditation. Be honest with yourself as you do the meditation. Rather than do it out of habit, make sure you do it with the intention of releasing all of your emotional energy and keep doing it until you feel clear. Afterward, take some time to reflect on your day to notice what you did and what you would like to change.

If you do not clear your emotional energy before you go to sleep, the emotions you have left will lodge themselves in your brain and become more permanently stuck there. However, if you go to sleep without emotional energy, then pure energy will be able to fill and purify you as you sleep. This energy will make your own energy clearer and stronger; you’ll be ready for a new day when you awake.

Even with this daily practice, every so often, it’s good to do strong energy exercises like bowing until you sweat a lot in order to release emotional energy that has become deeply embedded in your body and brain. Keep doing it until you not only sweat, but tears flow out your eyes from your heart. Make your energy lighter and brighter by digging out any heaviness you were holding unawares.

If you make clearing your energy and reflecting on your life a daily habit, your awareness of your emotional energy will grow. Over time, you will automatically develop the ability to prevent an emotion before it even starts and become less reactive to your environment in general. You will be able to live in emotion-free energy, and your life will truly be free.

Here is a quick video on how to do Bowing Meditation if you would like to try it for yourself:


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  • Thank you for this posting. This is very helpful training and living guidance! I will put it into practice.


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