Magnets for Health and Peace

[Photo by Kyoungsook Moon]

Turns conflict into peace by changing your energy.

When people fight, they think that they’re just fighting. When they put others down with caustic remarks, it may seem as if they are just bruising their psyche. But if you look deeper, you’ll see they are damaging more than that. If you zoom in to the magnification of LifeParticles, the elementary particles we are all made of, you’ll be able to observe the “dark holes” in the subtle electric and magnetic fields within and around our bodies.

Magnetic FieldLifeParticles have the properties of electricity and magnetism. As compositions of LifeParticles then, everything that exists—our body, the earth, the sun—also generates electric and magnetic fields. Electricity and magnetism are interrelated as two sides of the same coin. Electric currents, the flow of charged particles, produce electric and magnetic fields. Magnetic fields affect the flow of electric currents.

Excessive worry, anxiety, and negativity from within and without weakens the body’s magnetic field. When the magnetic fields of two or more people clash, their protective layer of energy tears. Too many of us are walking around with damaged and weak magnetic fields. If our energy field is damaged, it’s bound to result in emotional turmoil. That is the main stressor and the cause of the mental disease that underlies many of our personal and societal issues. On the other hand, when the electricity and magnetism in our bodies is healthy, then emotionally and mentally we are also very stable and healthy.

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To repair, utilize, and magnify the electricity and magnetism of our body, we do not need complex technology. We simply need to practice meditation. Meditation adjusts our energy and our brain, which go hand in hand. The magnetic field produced by the brain is generated from the blood that flows through it and from the electrical impulses created by the flow of ions through nerve cells. Therefore, when we change our thoughts, we change our brain’s wiring, and we change our magnetic and electric fields. The process also works in reverse. A “healthy” magnetic field means a healthy brain, which produces a healthy life, and collectively creates a healthy society.

I’ve been guiding meditation for over thirty years now. Some people have trouble learning and doing meditation; they have trouble managing their thoughts and focusing. However, I’ve found that if you do energy meditation, if you simply feel your energy, it’s much easier to focus. The moment you feel the energy, that’s the best meditation because you cannot feel energy unless you focus. The easiest way to feel energy, I’ve found, is to use magnets. I call it Magnetic Meditation.
Magnetic Meditation

Everyone can feel the push and pull of two magnets as they play with them. If we keep playing with them–moving them toward and away from each other or circling them around each other or our body in any way we like—and observing our body as we feel the magnetic pull, we’ll be able to feel our own energy more strongly and clearly because magnets expand and magnify our energy. Also, concentrating on the magnetic sensations focuses our mind so we can sense our own energy more easily.

Follow this video for detailed guidance on Magnetic Meditation:

As we focus, our brain will return to a completely normal and healthy state. The more we focus on our energy, the more quiet our mind becomes—all of our idle or unnecessary thoughts disappear.

We don’t have to do Magnetic Meditation for a long time. Just five minutes is more effective than an hour of most other kinds of meditation. Typically, when one starts meditating, it takes a long time to get into a calm state of mind. But with magnets this happens very quickly. If we were to do Magnetic Meditation every time we had some free time, or five minutes at a time three times a day, we could experience a more profound change in the condition of our brain and magnetic field, which would lead to a change in our consciousness.

With that change, we would wake up in the morning refreshed with energy, rejuvenated, and confident. Our voice would carry more power, we would glow with brightness, and we would be free of addictions and victim mentality. Most of all, by keeping our magnetic field and brain healthy, we could maintain an absolute and enduring peace.

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  • I would like to attend. please tell me how to join this group.
    Thank you

    • Do you live near Seattle, Nahkila? If so, you’re welcome to join our Meetup group that meets biweekly and practices Dahn yoga and magnet meditation. If not, check for groups near you, or find a Dahn Yoga Center. Good luck!

  • I recently attended a workshop using this method of meditation and healing and was truly amazed at how effective they were in helping to quiet my mind. I had a tremendous sense of well-being, clarity of mind and peace. I now use them daily as part of my practice and notice a big change in helping me overcome my victim consciousness and depression. My thinking is more positive, clearer and brighter. I highly recommend them. Thank you so much Ilchi Lee.

  • The neodymium magnets in any good headphones including good portable ones are far stronger than any other magnets; therefore anyone who does a guided meditation CD/MP3 is already doing magnet meditation at least on the sides of the head.


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