Your Divine Light

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Thoughts, memories, and intellectual knowledge are what most people typically associate with the brain. However, the brain doesn’t only contain the artificial information that we’ve accumulated during our lives. There is a certain something in our brain that is original and fundamental. Before we had thoughts, emotions, experiences, or knowledge, there existed complete and pure energy and consciousness. We could also call this nature, the rhythm of life, or even the divinity within us.

This divine nature is the light that shines brightly in our brain. That light is called many things in different traditions—the source of life, divinity, God, heaven, nirvana, cosmic consciousness, the higher self, higher consciousness. It might be easier to say that it’s bright wisdom or information.

Because our divine nature resides in our brain, I see the brain as the embodiment of human character. We could say that the brain is the holistic expression of our physical, mental, and spiritual essence. Therefore, connecting our awareness to our brain means meeting with our essential nature. The part of the brain that acts as the channel to this pure consciousness and energy is the pineal gland, located in the central part of the brain.

The moment we connect with our pineal gland through meditation, we can clear away the clouds covering our inner wisdom and meet with the limitless energy and life within us. This is not only knowledge but a feeling—spine-tingling, electric excitement—for how powerful, beautiful, and divinely sacred our essential nature is. That electric excitement and pure poignance spreads throughout our brain, our heart, and our whole body, bringing fundamental change to our life and our world.

When we understand that the brain is the embodiment of our essence and our link to pure universal consciousness, we can converse and interact with it. We can ask it what we need to do and how to bring new possibilities to life.

That’s why I advise trusting your brain, loving your brain, and connecting to your brain.


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