Make Your Brain Bright!

Happy face, happy brain

How a brain, a mind, moves decides a person’s fate. It’s not a lot of intellectual knowledge that decides how a brain acts. When a brain is open and has a bright consciousness, that’s what makes a good brain. A bright brain is one that follows your conscience. The conscience is the bright light and perfect knowing within us, which cannot be hidden by anything or ignored. We know when we have done wrong, see when we have lost balance, and can stop all wrongdoing and recover our balance because we have a conscience. A brain that is like light is humane. It has hope.

The brain isn’t something you can see, and many people don’t know how to open their brains or make them bright. However, you don’t need to change your brain from the inside; you can work on it from the outside in. The way your body moves determines how your energy moves, which affects how your brain moves.

Your facial expression, your neck, and your shoulders in particular affect your brain’s brightness. If you open your eyes and mouth as wide as you can, and laugh out loud, it stimulates your brain all the way to your occipital lobe and even all of your cervical vertebrae become relaxed. The energy points in your head open and energy can come down into your head and spread throughout your entire body. People who keep their mouths closed and their facial expressions closed cannot receive energy or bring it further into their bodies even if it comes in.

Having tension in your shoulders and neck causes tension in your brain and makes your whole body stiff and tight. If your neck and shoulders are tight, it means that the circulation in your intestinal organs is poor; poor circulation lowers the temperature of your body. When your body temperature drops, it reduces your metabolic function and decreases immunity. Your brain becomes hot and your abdomen gets cold. Such a condition is not conducive to a creative, bright brain.

There are many exercises you can do to loosen your neck and shoulders. Stretching and twisting your body in any way that feels good will relax and open it, and make your body’s life energy circulate better. As your neck and shoulders loosen up, your jaw joints will open, and whatever needs adjustment will be adjusted. If you keep moving and stretching freely, the balance of your whole body will be corrected and you’ll feel your body getting hotter. Energy will also circulate, even if you cannot feel it. 

At that time, you should say to yourself, in your mind or out loud, “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.” These four phrases are the key to being bright. As you say these phrases, connect with yourself and connect with the world. The energy that was circulated will spread throughout your body, opening your heart and brain.

To be truly bright, do things like this practice for making your brain bright every day. Practice diligently; don’t just go through the motions. It doesn’t matter how well you did in the past. Believe in yourself as you are in the present, here and now, and believe in your future self. Make a record of the changes you see in a journal of your growth. You’ll discover a side of yourself and a strength that you didn’t realize you had. And most importantly, you and your future will be bright.

[Source: @fangkiiz_h_mama via Twenty20]


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