If Light Won’t Come to You, Walk to Light

Walk to light

There are people who are always complaining about being sad and lonely. They cling to sadness even as they say, “I’m sad, so sad,” and they walk into a river of loneliness even as they say, “I’m lonely, so lonely.” They cling tightly to those emotions and refuse to let them go, all while saying that they are working to overcome them.

Let’s say that a child is walking along the road and steps into a filthy puddle. All she has to do is yank her foot out of it, but instead, she just keeps crying for her mother.

Those who keep blaming their environment yet hope for change in their lives are no different from the girl who stepped into the dirty puddle.

Don’t sigh, complaining that light won’t come to you. Why not just walk toward it instead?

To hope that light chooses you even though you don’t choose it is like deciding to sit still until the mountain comes walking to you.

If light won’t come to you, walk to light.


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  • A complete misunderstand of TRAUMA here. Sorry.
    You may (and do) have much wisdom, but in this you are clueless.
    This is almost shaming those who are incapable of taking action. To those who are capable and just need a little coaxing, may be of some small value, but otherwise…this is ‘unskillful’ talk.

  • Michela Mangiaracina
    November 25, 2019 4:24 pm

    My interpretation of this post is that it’s not necessarily about trauma. It can include trauma, but many of us are sad and lonely without experiencing a traumatic event. It’s true that we all need a little (or big) helping hand sometimes. But I think genuinely reaching out for help is a step toward the light; it’s not complaining. It’s making an effort. And it seems that the example of stepping into a puddle refers to instances in which you could get yourself out of a situation or state of mind easily if you would only realize that you could. In fact, I would interpret the act of saying don’t think of yourself as a victim and instead do your best to move forward is an act of reaching out a helping hand. It’s like saying, “You can do it!”


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