Never Stop Challenging Myself

Ilchi Lee on horseback

Horses are something where joy and fear exist together. I enjoy horseback riding, but many years ago, I fell from a horse and almost died, and I had to lie still for nearly two months. I couldn’t do anything. However, I healed myself and developed the Brain Wave Vibration and Longevity Walking methods I teach in the process.

But I still had intense trauma regarding horses. Every time it was triggered, I was afraid to see my scared self just as I was, and every time that happened, I challenged myself. I got back on a horse and worked on overcoming the trauma.

When I lived in the United States, I had re-accustomed myself to a certain extent to riding horses again. In New Zealand, though, horses are trained in a completely different style. Everything is different, from the saddle to the shoes, so it was even more challenging. So I challenged myself to ride horses at the Earth Village in New Zealand. Finally, I’ve succeeded.

Physical and mental limitations come every day. You can’t skip over the passage of time. However, I made the choice not to condone standing by and watching limitations and simply get used to myself. So I keep training and challenging myself, not letting myself become complacent.

For if the spirit to grow and improve constantly, to endlessly rise to the challenge for boundless freedom, falls apart, then it’s over. Then I’ve lost my reason for being alive.

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